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Sun Touched Guardian

*Wow just obliterated everything I wrote here. So this new Deviant Art doesn't like links I take it??*

Like I mentioned my line work takes on entirely new life when joined with the colors.

I often wonder if people can fathom the plans I have for the color based on the ink work alone.

I can't wait to get to streamlining the design for Lich Cerdrych for this story. I had expected it would take decades before we got to his tale, but it turns out he slides into this one quite well.

I also need to design Reina's sister, the one who betrayed their people, and whom as a result ends up becoming quite a monster unto herself.

The Aurochsen people were originally guinie pigs that lead to the creations of creatures such as Werewolves, Harpies, Dragons, and countless other monstrosities. 

They were considered failures at the time, but their endurance has proven to be central to their surviving in a cursed world. 

The tale of the prototype that defeats the best of the production models. 

Sadly I have so many items on my plate blocking me from getting to this story proper.

I'm still knee deep in my novella, got a prototype comic to finish, and a new series of illustrations that will serve some sort of service in the novella's final form.

And thats on top of all of the other issues holding me back on any given day, for instance my consistently out of whack sleep schedule. X0

If not for my beloved friends/Fans/Supporters I would not be as far along as I am now. I do wish though that they wouldn't have to bare quite so much of the fiscal burden.

If you love what I'm creating and want to help speed up the process consider mayhap becoming a patron today!  ;P

Find me on Discord or Minds if you want to be kept up to date on my daily goings on. I love getting to talk with peeps as well as helping them out with their own endeavors.

Mind's I've especially grown to like of late. Their size is small compared to the likes of twitter, (Relatively speaking) but they have such a kind and friendly user base, and a ton of artists migrating there from other platforms.

I highly recommend getting in there and getting discovered. The smaller scale allows you to stand much taller, and be discovered by a crowd who would otherwise be drowned out on other platforms.

Their much more engaged users too! I've even earned a couple of patrons from them in the process!!  

Find me there and I can also help with getting to know how the site works and get you earning tokens to better improve your following!  ;P

*Wow really it wouldn't let me me link the minds site??? that was what was stopping the text from going through???

Wow so they seriously got minds black listed here? What little desire I had to get back into posting regularly here just dried up.


Mature Content

Sun Touched Guardian - Inks by Paladin-Ciel

Mature Content

Shards of Persona - Plains Guardian by Paladin-Ciel
Shards Of Persona: Minotauress - 2017 by Paladin-Ciel
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Surprised to see you back here ciel lol

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love the purple glow :la:

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many your welcomes :D

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Loving the purples in this, buddy

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Wow system refused to add my text into the description! >. <

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