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Shards of Persona - Plains Guardian

Historia the 12.5 foot tall guardian of the nomadic Aurochsen people.

Preparing to face down some ungodly creature whose very existence threatens all life on the golden Plains.

Don't forget to check out Reina's Transformation Sequence into Historia!

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Shards Of Persona: Minotauress - 2017 by Paladin-Ciel

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ProzacKing's avatar
Looks perfect! I bet you're glad you've finally finished it, eh? X'D X'3
Sephzero's avatar
 So awesome to see Historia in all her glory there. Can only imagine what type of fool dare to challenge her fury.
Paladin-Ciel's avatar
Something with either low intelligence or a lot of brawn =p
Sephzero's avatar
Why not both? Sure be an epic opposite showdown/face-off scene.
Paladin-Ciel's avatar
hehe maaaaaybe. ^  o^
Sephzero's avatar
No promises now.
Alonbok77's avatar
 Sweet, awesome design and it so cool to you colored it. Well done.
Paladin-Ciel's avatar
Thanks so much ^  o^
vevans0009's avatar
Magnificent. 83
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