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Pierced Lycanthrope (Animated)

Sadly the gif file for this even at half the scale is just too big to load properly on most browsers. So I had to load it up as a video. 

Which I'm hoping will loop properly.

Spent about 2 months working on this pic and its far advanced from my Double Werewolf animation. I also found ways to better streamline the process to ensure it animates a lot more smoothly without as much back and forth with the original PSD file.

Story wise this woman was a soldier or town guard who became bitten and cursed with lycanthropy. Fearing that she would become a danger to her comrades and family she threw herself onto her own sword to eliminate herself before she turned completely.

Sadly for her sake the curse is not tossed off so casually as all that.

As her transformation accelerates her human consciousness is locked away in order to protect itself from further self attacks. 

Which will make her quite the monster in the end. What more the blade remaining imbedded in her chest will ensure that she wont be able to turn back until such a time that the blade is removed. Which she herself will be incapable of removing by her own will.

In her attempts to destroy the curse she has places her loved one in the direct line of sight of the monster she was was trying to protect them from.

If you love what I'm creating then please consider perhaps becoming a Patron!

As little as 2$ a month will net you early access to my novella pages, as well as HD variants of all of my creations! :D 

It would be a massive boon toward helping me to get by in these shaky times.

Double Werewolf - Animated by Paladin-Ciel  Crimson Dames - Moonlit Transformation by Paladin-Ciel 

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This has a really good intensity to it.

Paladin-Ciel's avatar

Thanks so much! I think I bit off more than I could chew with the hair but overall really like how it came out.

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Considering the werewolf is so gifted at killing, it's amazing how many victims live long enough to transform. Seems like infection should be the most infamous creation method rather than the most common.

Paladin-Ciel's avatar

Likely, their aim wasn't to kill in those that get away and turn. =p

loverofcarnage's avatar

Can a blood sample from a werewolf also infect humans in this setting or does that create abhorrents?

Myth-Searcher207's avatar
Although the animation didn't work for me (probably because I'm on a mobile device, I always enjoy your stories behind your art so I'm happy either way. ^_^
Paladin-Ciel's avatar
Yeah not seeing it work on mobile app either.

Try the gif on my core website.…

Tho might be too big for typical browser.
Myth-Searcher207's avatar

It's working great. Thanks ^^

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Nothing happened.

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