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Double Werewolf - Animated


This was my major Halloween project for 2020! 

But... animation is a complex process, soooo, it took some 2 months into 2021 before it was ready for viewing. XD

This was my second major animation created with Spine Esoteric. Its a really fun app with lots of raw potential!

really its intended to be used for animating Unity Game sprites, but not knowing a lick of coding game wise, I just really wanted to see some of my characters brought to life through animation.

This project and my follow up project ended up forcing me to have to set aside work on my Novella for quite some time. 

I want to do another one but will have to look into making it something simpler. Each project though helped me to learn different ways to stream line the process, and learn stuff like to which degree I need to break down the characters to ensure their bodies can deform in an appealing way. 

If you love my work and want to help speed up the process of getting new works created then mayhap consider becoming a patron. I got 3 main ways to do so now!

1) Studio-Aegis (Via SentryLogin)…

The fastest most efficient way to support my creations as there is no middleman taking an overly generous chunk out of your donations for themselves.

2) Patreon

The least ideal means to support me as Patreon takes a big chunk out of your support, and I have to manually build your account on Studio-Aegis so you can access your reward perks.

3) Minds (Experimental) minds(dot)com

Newest to the list is subscribing to me via minds, were you have the unique option to pay via minds tokens. I'm experimenting with it at the moment and might have to shut down the tokens option if it proves not be cost effective. 

All 3 options will net you the same great reward perks! That you access via an account on Studio-Aegis or through my Crimson Dames discord server.  ^_ ^

Crimson Dames - Moonlit Transformation by Paladin-Ciel 
The Lycan's Chapel by Paladin-Ciel  Vicar Amelia by Paladin-Ciel 
RRH - Orphan by Paladin-Ciel 

Mature Content

Lady Wolf by Paladin-Ciel
  Alpha Or Omega by Paladin-Ciel
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Two heads are better than one indeed
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Oooh, she looks epic. I wonder though, what causes her to have two heads? Is it her personality as a human, and in her monster form her duality shows like this? <3

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Well you remember how October 2020 had 2 full moons??

Double Werewolves! :D

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Now that's some top tier work.

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Thanks so much!

Gif seems to make the white outline too harsh sadly, managed to get it a lot smoother looking as a video file, but issue then is getting to repeat.

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There's always something isn't there?

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