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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Alingment Chart



One day I was looking at my gallery and something struck me. Why the F I don't have a chart for the best video RPG I've ever encountered?! This HAS to change!

And, as you see, it did.
TES III: Morrowind © 2002 Bethesda Softworks.
The alingments' names are, as usual, from [link] .

+ Lawful Good - Percius Mercius. The former guildmaster of the Fighters' Guild on Vvardenfell, he lost his position when the Camonna Tong (basically, the mafia) has made a deal with another member of the guild. He doesn't like it, but he doesn't seek vengeance. The only one of the Guild's Stewards who doesn't give orders to kill someone. And if you talk to him about a person whom you've killed following orders from other Stewards, he'll tell you that they have commited no crime and there was no reason to kill them. And his disposition drops.

+ Neutral Good - Caius Cosades. A grandmaster spy under the Emperor, who shouldn't give a damn about the well-being of the common folks living on Vvardenfell, except maybe his informants. In theory. Well, he does give more than a damn. And when he's recalled to the central province of the Empre he serves, he hesitates... but as his family lives there, he leaves after all. After doing everything to help the one who can insure the well-being of Vvardenfell's inhabitants.

+ Chaotic Good - Azura. Well, yes, she does help the Dunmer. Well, yes, she does care for her worshippers. And yes, she does want to be worshipped, and if she has to, she will wait over thirty-five hundred years for her reborn champion to destroy the thing allowing mortals to achieve immortality, thus wreaking vengeance upon the three idiots who told her that THEY are the gods now. After murdering said champion. Yeah, it was her who sent Nerevar back to Morrowind, to vanquish the great evil. And who said you can't kill two birds with one stone?

+ Lawful Neutral - an Imperial Guard, and an Ordinator. They will chase anyone commiting a crime, be it a scoundrel or the one who has saved the whole province.

+ True Neutral - the Creeper. Just a talking Scamp who doesn't give a damn about anything save creeping, trading, and banging on his drum.

+ Chaotic Neutral - Umbra. He only wishes to die like a warrior, because he says the war and the peace are equally bad, and he has killed countless legions, and saved countless legions, and nothing he did even mattered in the end. He's had enough and just stands in one place near Suran, waiting for someone to kill him and take up his ubersword.

+ Lawful Evil - Vivec. He's the only member of the Almsivi we get to see without the Tribunal expansion pack. (By the way, it's a pretty lame name. Alm-si-vi. Almalexia, Sotha Sil, Vivec. Geddit?) An immortal god-king, yeah, right... more like an immoral "god"-king. He corrects the history in his favor, he conceals that the origin of his divine power is identical to that of the big bad; his temple's inquisitors hunt down anyone who dares even think that he might be hiding something. And why do all this? Because he thinks it's the best way to maintain order. JUST order. Nothing more. Yeah. Of course.

+ Neutral Evil - Orvas Dren. The Duke's younger brother. He runs the Morrowind's equivalent of mafia. And this mafia is a very, VERY racist one. The quote tells it all. An 'outlander' is one born and raised elsewhere than Morrowind. Any one. Which means roughly half the population of Vvardenfell, the volcanic isle you play on... if we count the Ashlander nomads, who are thought uncivilized savages by most of the townsfolk.

+ Chaotic Evil - Dagoth Ur. Quite an anarchist you are, my boy! First you go crazy and fight the Tribunal, who are now leading the Chimer/Dunmer. Then you wait until you're almost forgotten, ambush the Tribunal and take the Tools from them as they're trying to have their annual snack. Then you design the Corprus. Then you dig a passage under their uberwall of Ghostfence and send blighted Cliff Racers over it, rendering it pretty useless. Then you say you want to drive the Empire from Morrowind. And THEN you start to possess the mortals they rule and claim to protect... But you still fail to undo Vivec's propaganda.

Side notes:
– Lawful Neutral quotes are the lines that nearly EVERY Morrowind player hears the most. Except the title of an 'outlander'.
– I know that the Ashlanders' version of how Nerevar died and the Chimers' skin turned gray is different than Vivec's version, that it's their word against his. But I effing hate Vivec, so I believe the Ashlanders.
– I have been playing Morrowind for about five years by now, and Dagoth Ur still gives me creeps.
– I've made three attempts of screenshoting the Chaotic Good. First was the Shrine of Azura, looked bad. Then the Cavern of the Incarnate, even I couldn't see anything. So I leave this one, her avatar speaking to the player character.
– Now I know why in Oblivion there was a Daedra invasion. Because in Morrowind, I sold everything to the Creeper...
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