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Overclocked Remix Album Art

By pakkman781
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I made this because I just got my iPod Video, and it would be crime for all those nice OC Remix tracks to play without a nice little picture to go with them. Here it is for everyone to use! :)

And if you haven't heard of it, I encourage you to go to [link] and check out what they've got. It's a site dedicated to video game music remixes. They've got some awesome tracks, so go get some!
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This is probably better than the official artwork that's out now. :D

And did Liontamer come here just to correct you on your capitalization? Wow, OCR is OCD! :wow:
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Any chance you will make just the side text available in a PNG format?

That way we can overlay it on our own covers?
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0_0. This ROCKS.

I made my own too, but this definitely takes the cake. *Uses.* Thanks!
Great stuff, been looking for something like this for ages. It's painting my iTunes library as I type. Thanks! :)
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It's "OverClocked ReMix" and "OC ReMix", but nice work. Looks pretty cool. Simple, but effective.
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This is hardcore ossum. ;3 Mind if I use it?
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Thanks! Sure, go ahead :)

Sorry for the slow reply, I haven't been on in ages XD
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