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Pakkeli Trait Sheet by Crystalomic
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The Map by Crystalomic
Illandre, the Uncovered Home in the Sea by Crystalomic
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Pakaasu Witch Adoptable: OTA OPEN by Crystalomic
Purple Rainbow Pakaasu Adoptables: OTA OPEN by Crystalomic
Rainbow Pakaasu Duo Adoptables: OTA OPEN by Crystalomic
P-C | Something Different Sunday 3 [2/3] by Re-Pyper
Queen Minttu by Crystalomic
Tila's Awakening by Crystalomic
Tethe'nide's metamorphosis by Kujjles
Soleil's Awakening by Re-Pyper
Liquid Ghost by Sketching-Panda-Ren
Crystal Magic by Sketching-Panda-Ren
Pakaasu MYO - Doku by Re-Pyper
Pakkeli MYO - Kirameki by Re-Pyper
September Patron Reward: Kayla by Crystalomic
[SS] Temperance by GutsandGays
Zephyrine by PatheticCreature
October Patreon Reward: Flower Fairy by Crystalomic
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Head of International Relations: Teralehti by Re-Pyper
Head of Finance: Takoki by Re-Pyper
Head of Personal Affairs, Species Relations: Ouve by Re-Pyper
Head of International Relations: Thiyu by Re-Pyper
Journal Entries
Fortune reading snippets (Izo)Byakko went to the front of his home (aka his reading room) and was not surprise to see Izo laying on his pillows. For some reason it reminds him of a coiled snake. "I see you made yourself comfortable at my home Izo ...again." Byakko sighed. "Not my fault you have a comfortable home." he respond with a smile, that looks too much like a smirk. Byakko doubt that was the truth, but choose to ignore him and continue to gather what he'll need for today's readings. Since his daily reading had told him to expect some "troublesome" guest, He made sure to have some strong tea on standby. Izo open an eye to watch Byakko picking up a pouch and some incenses. "Nae Byakko." Byakko sighed "What is it Izo?" "I'm bored. Give me a reading." He said as he sat up. Byakko place his material on his table. "No" "Please, can I have a reading?" Izo asked again, batting his eyes trying to be innocent. Byakko gave him a look. "No" "I just want one little reading." Izo asked, continue the play innocent, "What if I traded you something for a reading?" Byakko is starting to get a headache, and just wants some quiet. "Depends on what you are trading." Izo dug into his pockets and pull out a crystal. "What kind of a reading would this give me?" Byakko took a closer look of the said crystal "Where did you find this crystal?" "I found it on my way to you home" Izo answered with a fake smile. Byakko doesn't believe that's the truth, 'he ripped that out of another Pakaasu', but he honestly doesn't want know. He instead let out a sigh. "You can get either a tea reading or a moon reading." "Moon reading sound fun" Izo smiled that same fake smile. "You have you wait until the moon is out." he told the smaller as he went to get his tea. "You are telling me I have to wait until tonight?" Izo asked in rare moment of shock. "Yes, that's why it's called a moon reading" Byakko smirk. "Nevermind that, I'll take a tea reading." Izo demanded. "If that's what you want, how do you like your tea?" he asked. "Bitter" Izo replied. Byakko nodded and went into the back of his home to boil some water. As well to get his tea to help him deal with his "guest".-----Placing two cups of steaming tea on his table, Byakko kicked Izo out of his spot. "So how does this reading work?" Izo asked, since this is the first time he seen this reading. Byakko takes a sip of his tea before answering. "It's simple. All you do is drink your tea. Not all of it mind you, and then you will dump you tea leaves on to this plate," placing his stone plate on the table. "That's all?" "That't all." "This is boring." Izo complain, as he started to blow the tea in attempt to cool it. "You wanted this reading." Byakko said as he continue to drink his tea. Once Izo was finish with his cup, he did what Byakko said. "There I done what you told me." Byakko sat done his cup, and study the leaves on the plate. "You have some, let just say, ill intent for someone." Byakko told Izo. Izo just roll his eyes. Byakko turn his plate slightly to the left and continue "You are looking forward in tonight..." That got Izo attention. "... stalking and terrorizing your next, how should I put this, prey." Byakko smirked. "It looks like you were content before showing up at my home. Let me guess, you had a lovely visit with a pink Pakaasu healer?" For the second time today Izo started at the fortuneteller in shock.
Fortune reading snippets (Erisa)Byakko let out a sigh as he put the kettle on the fire to make some tea for his last client. His daily reading told him that he was to expect a late night guest.As the water was heating up, Byakko straighten up his table. Removed his crystals from his earlier reading, lit up six candles, and put away his crystal ball. The moment he put his ball back on the shelf with his crystals, a soft knock could be heard. Byakko quietly open the door to reveal the pink pakaasu healer. "Sorry for the late night visit" she spoke with a small smile. Byakko could see the worry and tiredness in her face, but didn't say anything. He just quietly move aside to let her in. Shutting the door after she entered, and he lead her to table where he does all his reading. He entered the back of his home to get the kettle, as his client stood looking around (feeling out of place)."Please take a sit in front of the table Erisa" he told her as he entered back to his reading room. She did as she was told with no sounds. He gave her a cup of tea, to help her relax, as he took his usual spot at the table. "You didn't have to go out your way to make tea for me." She told him with a small laugh as she took a sip. "I was going to make it anyways, but as I was expecting you I figure you'll going to be needing it." Erisa's eyes widen, but then laugh softly."I forgot how good you are with your readings." Byakko didn't say anything, just took out his tarot cards. "You are worried for tomorrow. That's why you are here." he said as he shuffled his deck. "You would like to know about the outcome, to see how many will be showing up at your door." "Did you read all that in your daily reading?" she asked. Not in shock, she's use to his ways of knowing things, but in a curious way.  "No, but it was written all over your face." he place his deck in front of her. "If you could please cut this deck and we will begin" "Thank you for doing this for me. Again I'm sorry for the late night visit." she apologized as she picked up half of the deck and place it next to the other half. "Is there anything you need specifically tomorrow?" Byakko took his deck and place three cards in front of her "You don't have to thank me. Nor do you need to apologize. However, knowing you, a new kettle would be nice. My current one is on it's final years of use." he said with rare smile. "Now, Let us see what tomorrow will bring." Byakko flip the first card to show a purple and gold image of two circles with stars in the middle. "The first card, for your past - or in this case, I suppose your preparations for the incoming... the Two of Pentacles. A problem presented itself to you, and while you don't have a permanent solution yet, your temporary measures will be more than sufficient for now."He flip the second card to show a set of hands holding what looks like planet. "The second card, for the present and the immediate future... The World. This is a good card to get - a card of total success and accomplishment. Well done, Erisa." Byakko let out small smile, if anything to reassure Erisa. He then flip the last card to show a heart being stabbed by three swords. "The final card, for the more distant future... the Three of Swords. This... is less promising. You're going to learn something that will hurt, maybe even betray your expectations. But despite this hurt, it will be something you can - and will - heal from. Try to give yourself time and relax."Erisa, by now has finish her tea, let out a small sigh. Out of relief or exhaustion, even Byakko can't tell. None the less, Byakko hoped that the reading help his close friend. He stood up as Erisa continue to stare at the cards. Quietly, he went up to the pink pakaasu and place his hands gently on her shoulders.Erisa jumped at the contact, but she quickly relax as she place a hand on his."Thank you the reading, I didn't know what to expect from it. Maybe the worst or something, but regardless thank you."He removed his hands as she stood up to get ready to leave. He walked her to the door and opened it for her. Once she outside once again, She gave him a bow. "I'll bring you a new kettle with your other supplies either tomorrow morning or the following morning." She told him with a smile.Byakko shook his head. "Take you time, you'll be busy in the next couple of days." Erisa let out another sigh, this time exhaustion. "Still, I will try to get them you. You as well are going to be busy." Byakko also let out a tired sigh. "I bid you a good night Erisa, be safe traveling my friend.""And you get some rest too Byakko, have a good night my friend." She said as she patted his head.Byakko shook his head as he shoo her off his front door, as she was giggling. Feeling better then she was when she first showed up on his doorstep.Byakko watch walk into the night until he couldn't see her before he shut his door for the night.
Lightning's Fallen Biker Club: Founders Vests by Re-Pyper
Lightning's Fallen Biker Club BASE by Re-Pyper
Pakkeli-Cluster: Rainbow Meme by Re-Pyper
Pakkeli-Cluster: Adopt Meme by Re-Pyper
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