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Join our Discord Chat!

🐆 Keep in mind that the group rules for Pakazas
still apply here!
🐆 We do have an NSFW chat for things
that aren’t “family friendly”,
so please be sure to keep anything adult-oriented in there!
(However, we still do not want to see topics like pornography,
heavy violence/gore, drug use, or politics discussed there.
Pakazas chat should be somewhere people can go
to escape “real world” problems!)
🐆 Light cursing is allowed, but please don’t overdo it.
Keep everything family-friendly!
🐆 Please keep to the appropriate chats - don’t put advertisements
in general, WIP shots in meme share, etc.; if we’re missing a
channel that you want to see, let us know so we can create it!
🐆 No harassment!
🐆 If an admin asks you to change the subject,
please do so.




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Dracoyena-arpg Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So is this group dead?
tree-kangaroo Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2019
Yes and no; it's currently pretty inactive, but we're working on revamping the group to be more user-friendly and efficient. :) 
PrincessDewdrop Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Not quite sure where this would go, I couldn't find it, but I need to update my username in the Credit center.
My new account is MommaShepy owo
Chief-Vizier Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2019
Hello! I'm not sure who did it or when, but it looks like your name has already been updated! For future reference if other people see this, the place to change your name/info is the Registration Office! <3 

 - tree
Awakening-Queen Featured By Owner Edited Jun 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so i rembmer having a geno, but i can't seem to find it. would i note the group of where i can find it? i got it from a center lik thing if i am right? 
nvm! just found it!~ 
tree-kangaroo Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2018
I'm glad you found it! c: For future reference feel free to note the group if you need help finding anything. n.n 
Awakening-Queen Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okX3 thank you!~ 
QueenHalloween Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017
Can a link to the Design Approval Hub please be added to the front page? :heart: (hopefully I didn't miss it somehow heh)
PippinDraws Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's on the seasonal rotating journals. :) Journals that will likely end up having to be remade more often to avoid hitting the comment limit/breaking will be placed there.
TeachMeToLearn Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Its under the seasonal rotating journals ^^
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