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We Are Now Free
I come to you as a wounded soldier of the night
But I am not shackled in my dismay
Our souls crave for freedom
The journey is long but we will find the promise land
Take my hand I will lead the way
No longer shall I show you the reality
We must live in the illusion of our choice
The visions of my flesh will disappear
I am an angel
My wings have been reborn
I can finally take flight
Sore with me beyond the stars
I can show you heaven
Your heart is the power of Satan
Release him into the dark
You do not belong their
Feel the breeze, it does exist
Our heart beats are just a false identity of our minds
Let go of your beliefs
Nothing is real
I am more then what has been put in front of me
Analytical to the point of destruction
These rules of existence do not apply
Say goodbye to the world you have known
Your foggy dreams will become clearer
I am the leader of the vision of Shangri La
You are the seeker of God's immortality
A chance to be blessed into a world unknown
Beyond the wall lies a t
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Tonight Lets Spill Our Hearts
I think it's time we take that walk.
How was your day or shall we skip the small talk?
O me, my stories long and I'm pressed for time.
I've seen you around and you look pretty fine.
Unfortunately for you this won't be a smooth ride.
I'm fed up with the bullshit so leave it at the door.
For once in my life give me something worthy to work for.
Save me from what's not dead or would you rather I give you head?
I know this game all too well.
Step right up and feel my hell.
When you decide what you want come knock on my door.
But I won't do this anymore.
No longer will I be the sexual addiction of everyone's dreams.
I don't need your drugs to fill my needs.
I'm fighting the battle of two worlds created by one heart.
I know now the reason for how I feel.
It's up to me to start making this life real.
Our souls can belong to the dark but my love needs a new heart.
To be pure again…
To no longer be seen as the harlot I keep locked inside this bottle of Accyd.
The dose has grown too strong;
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Loneliness Is Love
The bridge never broke you choose to take the long road.
I find the more I help the more I become invisible.
The signs are right in front of you this time.
I stopped hiding, I stopped fighting.
I made the call and said it all.
Yet you turn from me to see only your disasters.
Even at the end you just couldn't hold on so I let go for you.
The thought of falling was better than hoping you still cared.
This life was a lie I created to fit into your world.
Was the truth to much to bare?
Could you not handle the tear falling from my soul?
The bruises you cause are no longer skin deep.
The ink on this page screams with the silence I've been forced to hold onto.
My poems have turned so dark.
The love I have for you can't seem to overcome the hate that builds inside.
I was always too good for you.
Am I the only one you can't seem to fight for?
It's all fake yet I desire to believe every word.
O how it sounds so sweet on your lips.
It's all a game to see who won't be lonely anymore.
Filling each
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The Worse Addiction
It became too much.
The power of the urge controlled what was left of my soul.
I can't stay clean.
Sobriety doesn't feel like heaven.
I thought I could give it all.
Instead it took it all.
It was my hope.
I can never change.
I need the drug inside my veins.
But in the end I will leave you.
I'm left with the scars as proof.
Kiss them softly.
This will never be the same once I've sinned against you.
Ill kiss you goodbye and show a smile on my face.
Tonight you'll end this tragedy.
You were the addiction I cannot live without.
I wanted nothing more than to get you back.
But you left me with the worse addiction that could never be released.
:iconpakalolo808babe:pakalolo808babe 1 1
Playing The Game
Welcome to the world of choice.
Where the lovers love the sinner.
And the sinner loves the beast.
A devil and a god awaiting the chance to speak.
Come to me the devil says.
We can live as ourselves with each other.
Too much love, too much truth.
Runaway to the pure and innocent.
With the voice of a lie I would change everything for you.
I don't want the light, turn to the dark.
Moan to the touch of the perfect drug.
Do you play games with the sinner?
Or shall you take it to the end?
You mocked me for the crowed my angel.
Do you feel the satisfaction of a lost friend?
The god turned into the sinner.
The sinner became the god.
The devil sits upon my heart.
Your love is as strong as my death.
Tragedy can only wait so long for the next dose.
At the point of your gun the sinner is paralyzed.
The face of the child decides our fate.
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Far Away Love
I'm falling for you with every breath of air.
There's no escape.
I crave for the chance to be.
Before we part our ways I shall leave the imprint of my heart on your soul.
Forgetting the outcome this will become immortal.
I must savor each moment I spend in your arms.
The thought of leaving you is so cold on the back on my neck.
It disappears with the touch of your lips.
Its more than a short story, I can see you in my dreams.
You're like nothing I've known.
I place a soft touch upon you.
As I whisper in your ear.
I love you, I always will.
This love at first sight will carry on forever.
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Redemption of a Cofessional
I'm so much more then what you have made me.
These rhythms I've spilled out for you, the dirt I've written down.
I believed the lies the souls had spoken.
I lost myself in that room to many nights I can't bear to remember.
The coldness of those candle lights haunts the dreams of my beliefs.
Bruising on my body shows you taught me well.
The scars have only become a conversation piece.
I have fallen to the darkest pit my mind could have imagined.
Yet my will was stronger then what you thought you had created.
On my knees I've come to testify the ideas you have dreamt of.
I will no longer live in your dismay.
I have found peace in your death.
Reborn into a life so new I can't seem to open my eyes.
I'm ready to jump into the unknown and fly away.
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My Love Is A Battle
With that one question I'm lost.
Completely alone I've been drivin to the end.
Love is a simple vision far beyond the distance.
Not even you could make me believe.
Tried it all.
Had it all.
Nothing left to do.
Wishing to find proof that I'm wrong.
Hoping to find you through the other door.
I question your truth and answer to your lies.
There's nothing left to prove.
Finding the ones with the biggest problems.
I can save you, I swear.
But there's no one left to hold my hand and walk my heart through the darkness.
Forget your friendship.
Forget you lust.
It's not what I'm after.
Where's my angel of love to hold me down and face the hell of my soul?
With all the arrogance in the air there's no place called home.
Sorry Dorothy take your dog and walk your ass down that road.
Romeo is the beast.
Prince charming is just a tail.
Roses melt away.
My love is only fair.
To all the loves that drift away we've long sense been forgotten.
Dropped me at the corner, I turned my head and cried.
None of
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Gardian Angels Suicide
Walk the line from here and back.
Paints the face of hiddin facts.
Trapped in this world alone in shame.
Can't keep track of all the pain.
There's no one left to reach for.
My hands are bare and cold.
Nightmares begin to unfold.
Do you hear what I have to say?
Or have my letters started to fad?
Things begin to go away.
Anxiety pushes through the night,
Can you keep away the fright?
Dropped here by the favor of god.
All I can hear are screams and sorrow.
The dose was just too strong.
Now I'll have to move along.
You sympathy is my disgrace.
So I'm stuck here in this trace.
Hiding that place in my mind.
Keeps the secrets of my kind.
I only wish to be free.
So why can't you just see?
No one thought twice to look my way.
There's nothing I can say.
Nothing could work any longer.
You cursed me, now I'm left to wonder.
Purgatory seems so fair when your left here bare.
Only if death was an escape.
I would walk right up to its place.
Rip off my wings to show me these things.
I've become fallen
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Last Apologies
All I have is my mind to remember the things I have done.
I fell out of sight but I'm back again to redeem the horror I left behind.
Where have I been?
Will someone tell me what is real?
These facts I'm force to feel.
A tear falls short of the blood.
I missed you cold dark friend.
I thought I would never find you again.
Now we must amend the troubles I have offend.
I was scared I had forgotten.
You are far from missing.
I need to complete the task of the long sense dream.
The sight that has yet to been seen.
Faithful facts hid behind that door.
Right where I left you, let's make peace.
Growing numb from all these beautiful thoughts.
How could I have ever let you go?
I finally got my wish.
I leave you with nothing.
I will give you nothing.
Dear friend my black light.
Your missing presence was exhausting.
We shall rest in peace together.
Bury me Oliver, I will bury you.
Goodnight and goodbye.
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The illusion is unbearable.
I know it can't be true.
With a grasp of your hand it feels so unreal.
Step lightly it might get scared away.
I would wish the sky away to have you forever, yet forever feels so soon.
I scream to hear you again.
It's so hard to talk when you're not really there.
I blink in hopes you reappear.
A tear falls down my face when the wind picked you up and blew you away.
I wanted so much for this to happen.
Then I opened my eyes and you were gone.
This illusion was just too real.
This illusion of love with so much fear.
I lost you before I had you.
Until we meet again
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The Savior
I walk alone not even with a shadow.
You said you were my savior.
To bring me back from the hell I had created.
You were the first to hold my secrets.
The first to reach for hopes.
You turned your back and used them for your own achievements.
I was left empty handed.
With a blank expression I was on my knees.
I just couldn't let you go.
You taught me I could never be happy to save yourself.
I was the play thing with no soul.
These nightmares only left me with anger.
Try and shut me down.
You can't kill what is not there.
I took the razor to the vain many years ago.
You found me dead on the inside.
I just needed the push you have me to stop the pulse.
You couldn't handle the sight and cast me into the crowed.
I just couldn't let you go.
The rumors say I can never change.
Let's make them speak the truth.
The lies you feed locked me in a cage.
Without hate in me there is no love for you.
It's the only fate I deserve.
I couldn't make the choice so I left it up to you.
I made you the enemy
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The flicker of the candles is the only thing that keeps me from the truth of the light.
Cold; bound flesh shimmers.
Nothing stops the brush of smooth wind.
Tonight's the night you find loneliness is real.
Forgive me father for I have sinned.
The blade looked so admiring.
I will not blind myself in shame.
This life was not meant to be free.
The pills seemed too far away for salvation.
I need the tranquility that only the cold dark metal could give.
The more blood you see the safer I am.
Forgive me friend for I have sinned.
The needle looked so admiring.
I will not blind myself in shame.
These words will simply fade my mind.
Promises mean nothing.
I would have been a flower until I willed myself away.
The sensation flows with in my body.
It clouds my mind.
You are not real.
I open my eyes to be alone.
The truth won't set me free.
Forgive me lover for I have been unfaithful.
The temptation looked so admiring.
I will not blind myself in shame.
The love was manipulation.
The acting was extr
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Accyd Zephyr
United States
I'm Accyd Zephyr,

I've been finding myself back into the art world and back on to this website. I hope yall enjoy everything I'm biginning to upload.

In my spare time I love to draw but thankfully I get to say for a job I'm blessed with being a Photographer for a company called The Peaceful Woman. One day I hope to get lucky and branch out my skills and take photos for many people.

Current Residence: Maui
Favourite genre of music: 60's and 70's Rock
Personal Quote: To Thine Own Self Be True


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