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God lives in all of us; he is a free-loader and therefore must be evicted

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Hello it is me, your old pal on the complaints forums, bitching at what deserves to be bitched at without ever actually writing a complaint thread about it

I would share more sources to stalk me at, but unfortunately it is just Steam for now:

I'm also on Discord but I treat it as a chatroom thing, I don't really add people there but I'm a user at the least

Perhaps I'll write more here, you never quite know


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CMC--Scootaloo Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
The thread is closed now, so I'm putting my response here. How funny this happens when I just talked about censorship. :3

I don't see him being obsessed with it. Maybe he fails to explain properly why he is advocating such "pantyshots" and that makes him appear as obsessed, but that alone does not yet indicate he is doing it for a sexual reason. I enjoy the proper portrayal of such "pantyshots" in old animation, as well, and find myself concerned about the censorship development that prudish people pushed by being loud and annoying and none of this enjoyment stems from any sexual desire.

One of the reasons I like "My Neighbor Totoro" is the realism in the animation. If a girl with a thin skirt jumps up and down, you're going to see its panties whether you want to see them or not and the movie portrayed that reality.
But in almost every animation of today, when a girl wears a skirt and you should be able to see the underwear, there is a black shadow painted on that part. And if the girl does any movement that should realistically reveal its panties, the animators animate the scene in a way that the fabric doesn't move enough to reveal anything and pretend that the panties (or physics~) don't exist.
It makes for horribly artificial animations and that is something that is bugging me about today's animated movies and tv shows. If you can see the panties in reality when a little girl with a skirt skips and jumps around on the street or on a playground, then why censoring it in animation? It doesn't make any sense.

That's a troubling development that shows how society gets weaker and degenerates more and more, when it can't work anymore without people being increasingly sensitive about completely normal things and with other people abiding by that sensitivity and applying censorship.
This is something that pushes human society more and more towards the point where only the weak and/or stupid people make the decisions, rather than the smart and resilient ones who actually understand a certain subject matter and who don't act on fears and paranoia.

Other than that, I recommend to use the term "pantyshots" correctly in the future, because if it's applied to this commercial and "My Neighbor Totoro", then it's actually applied wrong. A "pantyshot" is something that is exclusively done with sexual intent. You can go and watch one of the many anime of today that aren't quite hentai, but almost there, and where the animators are very creative and manage to bring in a look at the underwear of a female character where that isn't realistically possible, by bending physics to their will or just with very adventurous perspectives that aren't need for the scene to work. That is a pantyshot, when the animators do a specific effort to show the panties of females as often as possible, for the purpose of erotic fanservice.
Movies like "My Neigbor Totoro" or this commercial you are worked up about only show underwear either for the sake of realistic, physically-correct animation or to convey an innocent, silly joke. For a "pantyshot", however, it needs the goal of implying something sexual or even of arousing the audience, so the way you use the term right now is incorrect.
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GuyNamedErick Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2019
Ancient man.
MatthewDaAnimeFanboy Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
It says you're 118.
AerialVenue Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
you ok?
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