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AVS Programming Guide

I have produced a programming guide for noobs, so that people will stop bitching on the AVS forums that they dont have any help and cant work out how to code. This is a public beta and so I'm open to suggestions for improvements, but try to bear in mind that this is a begginers guide. Enjoy!

*** Updated 05/05/05 ****

Now version 1.1

* Various grammar/spelling/readability changes
* replaced some text with diagrams where appropriate
* New Chapter: Advanced 3D
* Expanded the movements and DM's chapter significantly
* Hyperlinked the contents for easier navigation

*** Updated 13/01/05 ****

Now Version 1!

Various Minor changes
Added Chapters regarding:

Triangle APE
Advanced Exercises

*** Updated 11/10/04 ***

Public Beta 0.92

A few minor wording changes, added three new chapters:

Coding Effect Lists
Mouse Input
Tips & Tricks

Including a few more exercises and solutions
© 2004 - 2022 pak-9
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Super-Kaipa1995's avatar
Where i get this in spanish!? Waaaah!
DJCaliCoastReplay's avatar
I owe you big time for writing this
silencefreedom's avatar
nice, this is what i was looking for. thanks!

p.s one thing to fix, this is not 'programming', it's 'scripting'
hypertech's avatar
Oh man, this is the holly grail!
x-vis's avatar
I'll read this! ^^
XuN33L's avatar
Very expresive!!! It's exactly this one for what I was looking for so long!!!
Tooblai's avatar
This huide was very helpful.
Learnt many new tricks.
xnistock's avatar
This is a great guide, a little refinement goes a long way, but I'm not complaining, I got alot of use out of this! :D
PakoSkyfrog's avatar
J'hallucine... un guide !!
et moi qui n'apprenais que par exple !!

Et bien il ne me reste plus ka le lire en détail.
Je ferai ensuite un commentaire, in english, de ce qui m'aura servi !
pak-9's avatar
errrr.... mon francais, c'est ne pas bon, mais merci pour vous comment (je pourrais comprenez sa majeure partie) :D
Banya's avatar
Wow. Thank you for this. :jawdrop:
Grandchild's avatar
Me too!
Thanks, it gave me the joy of 3D avsing!!!
thank u v much i should of looked here sooner
phoenixmentality's avatar
impressive, brother. awesome stuff. :)
Hardcore will never die! lol
zen-x's avatar
If only we had this back in the days of 1999...

Good job, although I agree with the comments about the triangle ape and the doc format (if you or anyone else wants a pdf version, note me).

It's very well structured and a good idea to have problems (and solutions :).


dummyddd's avatar
Your guide covers a very wide area and is VERY well written (at least compared to what I'm used to reading), however I have to agree with tatva999, it could cover the DMs better. Also I didn't understand the bit about 3d superscope/dm sync at all, maybe an example would explain it better. Also covering AVSTrans might be a good idea
mattfury's avatar
version 1 spruced up with some better stuff :p now all we have to do is encode in HTML / php / css etc etc., (no offense lil' limited with the triangle ape? )
TomyLobo's avatar
nice guide for the most part
but you forgot to mention AVSTrans hehe
it's especially useful for the loop//megabuf crap
other things:
you wrote that skip>zero means point is skipped. that's not true. it must be non-zero. the same thing prolly goes for drawmode too, cant test it atm because im not at home.
X=2*i-1; Y=getosc(x*0.5+0.5,0.1,0); <-- eww, very sucky way to introduce 0..1 => -1..1 conversion ^^
you wrote that getkbmouse(5) is for the middle mouse button. it actually gives you the state of the shift key. (at least on my machine)
more coming soon, dont have time to completely read it atm
and please, make a PDF file of it. it looks so sucky in KWord :)
tatva999's avatar
very nice guide in general
a few more examples on dms would be nice + some more tips+tricks
tatva999's avatar
hey thanks i really enjoy reading avs tutorials even though it takes me some time to find the courage to actually work them out - maybe i'll come back with a more "Advanced Critique" comment
mysterious-w's avatar
A simple guide to buffer saves would be good.
pak-9's avatar
As soon as they put codable buffer saves in AVS I'll get right on it.

AVS "Programming" Guide... no more, no less
mysterious-w's avatar
How about the triangle ape then? So far I think only 2 people know how to use it.
pak-9's avatar
Yea I think that might be the next (and final) addition
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