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AVS Programming Guide



I have produced a programming guide for noobs, so that people will stop bitching on the AVS forums that they dont have any help and cant work out how to code. This is a public beta and so I'm open to suggestions for improvements, but try to bear in mind that this is a begginers guide. Enjoy!

*** Updated 05/05/05 ****

Now version 1.1

* Various grammar/spelling/readability changes
* replaced some text with diagrams where appropriate
* New Chapter: Advanced 3D
* Expanded the movements and DM's chapter significantly
* Hyperlinked the contents for easier navigation

*** Updated 13/01/05 ****

Now Version 1!

Various Minor changes
Added Chapters regarding:

Triangle APE
Advanced Exercises

*** Updated 11/10/04 ***

Public Beta 0.92

A few minor wording changes, added three new chapters:

Coding Effect Lists
Mouse Input
Tips & Tricks

Including a few more exercises and solutions
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Where i get this in spanish!? Waaaah!