September Update: Unlimited slot event!!

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what a lot of you have been waiting for….


This event will have unlimited slots. Slots will cost 35 USD / 3500 :points:each, no mixed payments accepted.

One slot per user, if we catch people obtaining slots for friends who have already claimed for themselves, claiming multiple slots through secondary accounts, etc. their slots will be voided and they will receive an event ban!

This event will be open for 1 hour! It will start on Sep. 17th at 4:00:00 PM MDT and end at 5:00:00 PM MDT.

Compare your timezone here!

There is no cooldown for this event since there was no MYO event last month, how exciting!!

Please check out this journal for full general rules on MYO events!* * Please note the payment deadline has been changed, we now expect payment within 24 hours due to the move to the site making pending payment slots unviable.

✨Thats it, folks!

With October around the corner, we’re getting ready for a bunch of fun adopt sets as well as the halloween contest!! Because of that, there is no scheduled mod minis or adopt sets for this month, but keep your eyes peeled for a lot of exciting stuff next month!! 👀👀👀

Thanks so much for reading and we hope you all are excited for that unlimited slot event!!

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Added, did added toyhouse as optional link, twitter and dA is around one year old ♥

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I couldnt find the post :0 may i have a link

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does the acc need to be 3 months old too? im new 2 this and i have my da acc for like a year but my website account was recently created. Can i still snag one?

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if you made a website account you can just leave more active social medias in the "misc. comments" section of the form! /o/

Softcakx's avatar

We’re can I find the darling daintie group thing we’re it will be posted? And what section ??

Pajuxi-Adopts's avatar

it will be under journals and titled something like "UNLIMITED REGULAR MYO SLOTS- {OPEN}" and it will be up in 20ish minutes! /o/

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Oh okay! Also last question but are we aloud to use the MYO ticket to make pre-existing ocs into dainties?

Pajuxi-Adopts's avatar

yes!! but if you didn't design the original pre-existing design you need to get permission first and ofc the design needs to fit regular Dainty MYO rules^^

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Is that today? And where can I find it then? :0

Pajuxi-Adopts's avatar

it is the day!! the new journal with all the info and the form will be going up in ~40 minutes, posted to the darling-dainties group^^

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AH perfekt 💙 I thought I missed it since it’s the 18th here amd wasn’t sure nsns Tysm for answering!

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I recently moved DA accounts, my old one was @Acidbolt-06 which has been registered for a couple of years. Because this new account is two months old, would I still be able to buy a slot? Or could I log into my old account and buy from there, then transfer to this one? Sorry about this!!

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hi there!! for now if you could buy from your old account that would be easiest and we can transfer everything to your new account after the event! ;w;/

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HI!! i have this dA account for years but i just made an account for the dainties website just now. am i still eligible? ;w;/

Pajuxi-Adopts's avatar

yes!! as long as you have a website account you should be good! /o/<3

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This is 6pm EST right?

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where Will we be able to get a slot once it starts will it be in here or another journal?

Pajuxi-Adopts's avatar

There will be a new journal posted to the group!! o7

Blazeycrazy's avatar

Thank you 😊 I’ve never got one before so I was wondering ~

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When I pay for the slot, will your paypal be included in the next post or google form? Sorry, I'm quite new to this.

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