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WIP Miniature Persian Cat

Because some of my friends here on DA have asked how I make a realistic miniature scale furred cat...
In October 2012, I was privileged  to teach a live 18 hour class in Portland, Oregon to a select group of students in affiliation with the International Guild of Miniature Artisans (IGMA).  Each student was shown hands-on, step-by-step, how to make their own miniature furred Persian cat using polymer clay, wire, thread, paint, and natural alpaca fiber.
Above are just a few of the steps involved, from sculpting the form in clay, painting the details in acrylics, prepping the alpaca fiber from yarn, and applying the powder-fine flocking to the facial area.  My Persian cat prototype (on the right) was won by a student in a surprise raffle held at the end of the class time. 
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I want to do one now! I would be great at this :3

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i tried that part of hair but dont work..did u use teeth brush?i used yarn too and brushed but it cut ... and I wanted it to look like a long hair but it shatters..

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It's so real looking :0
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So fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am gonna die!
cMarkiplier Hot Damn You're Cute! HuniePop #3 
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Amazing, it's too amazing.
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It looks so realistic! pretty!
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This is so cute! Do you have the tutorial?
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I retired this tutorial last year as I published it back in 2012 and I no longer use some of the materials or techniques in the step-by-steps.  I currently do not have the extra time or desire to update it to reflect the changes.
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 I see, still thanks for letting me know
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I actually gave this cat to one of my students who took the class :D
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Please, consider stopping using alpaca wool, it's cruel and completely unnecessary, they are being held down on their neck, roped on the ground and often beaten, especially on big farms, they don't want to be used and abused by people, no one does. There are so many materials which are not taken from animals and they work just fine.…
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Thank you for your post.  I share your concern for animal abuse in harvesting fiber (not just alpaca), however, I do not believe that my not using a minscule amount of alpaca fiber in the creation of my miniature scale art will impact how individuals treat their livestock worldwide (i.e., the practice of mulesing of merino lambs; premature killing of mohair goats; Hair harvested from squirrel, mink, goats, badgers & horse to create makeup and fine art brushes, etc).  If it makes you feel any better, the majority of the fiber I currently use comes from small local farms where the animals are treated like family members and not wrestled to the ground.  I also use silk, cotton, recycled wool, and feathers that are collected from molt.  If I were to add up all the alpaca fiber I have used in making miniature animals over the past 30 years, it would not add up to the 1000's of yards of wool required to make one Patagonia blanket.        
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I care about abuse but not as much as I care about people just using animals for their good. No one uses their family members to earn money, no one treats siblings or children as objects, which were bought from someone to make more money, I doubt that they rescued these alpacas and shave them just because they give wool. If they did that, they would have used this wool for themselves or would have given it away to ones who are in need. And yes, any money invested in the industry does an impact, ALWAYS, doesn't matter how big it is(it's like saying I'll by only one cow patty a day, it won't kill a lot of cows they'll be fine). By buying the product you're letting people know that you like it and want them to produce more, it's simple. I'm not attacking you or anything like that by the way, I just want to bring up awareness, I want people to think before they buy, to research, to see for themselves and answer a question: Would you like to be treated like an object?
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It would appear that we are on different pages regarding the use of alpaca fiber.  I do not hold the same black & white views in regards to your statement that ALL human/animal relationships are based on treating animals as objects, however, I respect your right to your own convictions/beliefs and taking steps to educate others in making informed choices and actions.  Sadly, it is not just animals that are being mistreated and used.  In many countries, families DO sell their own children as slaves or sexual objects (just for the money it generates).  Right here in the U.S., there are those who use their children as weapons in relationships, or as a means to collect state or government benefits.  I wish it were not so, but as long as these types of behavior continue, there is no hope for an earthly utopia for animals or humans.        
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I do not think that all human\animal relationships are based on treating animals like objects. just if you thought that I do. I am aware of how people are treated around the world but it can not be compared with the animal holocaust that creatures are involved in, just because people think they have the right to decide who lives and who dies in pain and misery. There shouldn't be any hope, there should be work and development in human society, but no one wants to work on it, everyone is just like "eh, we're gonna die anyway, nothing is going to change just because of me".
What are the whiskers made from?  Alpaca, too? They look different from the rest of the fur.
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I use a variety of different materials for whiskers depending on the animal.  It is not alpaca :)
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I would love to purchase your tutorial if you make it available again. Beautiful work!
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~ Thank you ~
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Me too! That's awesome!
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Did the cat previously baked and then glued the fur on it?
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Yes.  The cat is sculpted with polymer clay over a wire armature in legs, neck and tail.  Once baked, it is painted and a coat of fiber is applied using alpaca fiber and pvc glue.
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