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Dollhouse Miniature Cat sculpt

Another tiny cat sculpt of BeeSputty clay & applied natural fiber (alpaca & ingeo).  The settee is by Bespaq   
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I love it! its so cute do you still make these or do you sell these I would love to buy one :D

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I am very fond of miniatures, these are just too much!  I hope your skill is making you wealthy, if not now, soon.  You very much deserve it.
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Hahaha - monetary wealth? -- no. Becoming successful as an artist sometimes has little to do with possessing raw talent. I've been making the 1:12 scale miniature animals now for nearly 35 years, and have to say that I was never motivated to create art for the money it might generate. Sculpting has been my artistic outlet since I was a teen (just celebrated my 60th birthday). Once-upon-a-time, I enjoyed sharing, teaching and mentoring my personal techniques to individuals who wished to learn, but found for the most part, that was a thankless endeavor >grin<

Over time, I've seen a multitude of newbie dollhouse miniature furred animal artists (whose sole motivation was money), come on like gang busters, then fizzle out and disappear. Today, I find I am still passionate about sculpting, as well as learning new ways to improve my craft. I've been blessed with the means and the time to work in my studio -- and that is more than enough for me :D

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Just did my 61st recently.  I have always liked models, I grew up with toy soldiers.  I am impressed with your skill, your miniatures are most lifelike.  I spend time in hobby shops and the like looking at doll house stuff, not my thing but sometimes the work and skill that goes into this artform is astonishing.  Hmmm, work and skill are two things and is refers to singular, but 'are' astonishing does not roll off the tongue.  I could not agree more with you about success and talent.  By the way, I have noticed your Bremen Town Musicians icon, most clever!  I have nothing to say and I take a while to do so, garrulous old man that I am.  Keep up the excellent work, I will be looking out for more of it and I need to go through your page carefully, I don't want to miss anything.  What a great day today is going to be for the both of us, young lady!Unamused Bugs Bunny Chat Friendly Emote  
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i love how the fur looks so perfect
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You Always seem to amaze me with all the realisme and details !! :nod:
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Absolutely amazing, as always!!
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Eeeeeeeee!!!  I love it! Your tiny kitties always bring me joy!

Hubby and I recently came into possession of two dollhouses. Both were homemade and need a lot of work, but the idea of filling it with kitties is very tempting XD
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Thank you!
Good for you on getting some dollhouses.  Filling dollhouses can be addictive :D 
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the fur is so detailed and real looking, i am impressed everytime, what a cute kitty~
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i believed that it is real cat coo
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That's a terrific compliment - thank you!
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absolutely amazing work!
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that white part on the nose is like on my furball
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This was a commission sculpt, so I used pics of the live cat to do the coat pattern.  The live cat has a little jagged striping down her face/nose.
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Once again, I saw your work on my watch list, thought "oh, that's a cute picture of their cat! How did they get them to pose so nicely, since that looks like a studio set.... up.... wait... that's a finger... wait who's the artist I forgot to check --"

"-- Pajutee! You've tricked me again with your tiny cat sculpting wizardry!!!" XD
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((thank you))
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Adorable! :D and so fitting! :D
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