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OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

By PajamaFrix
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The main trio from OK KO. Rendered in Blender 2.79b with Cycles Render.

Originally modeled, rendered, and posted to Twitter on May 16th, 2019:

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All copyrights acknowledged. I do not own any of the copyrighted content, if any, shown in this submission.
Do not steal any of my artwork in any way.
OK K.O.! (c) Cartoon Network

Please don't ask for a download link. That is final.
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OK K.O.. now is In 3D.
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I mean.. wasn't it already obvious already??
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At least Sonic got to cross over before it was canceled.
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And I thought it was just a fake made-up leak at first (before the episode announcement).
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I really think the show had potential. It’s too bad it was cancelled.

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was a good show, sad it got canceled. 
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Sucks that Teen Titans Go is probably going to be taking over the show's time slot :(

I think Teen Titans Go is the worst CN show of the last 5 years

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teen titans go just took over cartoon network
EvanStickman's avatar

and it sucks, I miss good cartoon network shows like adventure time and ed edd n eddy

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KO, Enid and Rad are joining the Clayfighter crew!
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Shame the show ended, it would’ve been awesome if they made a CGI episode!
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An episode like that actually kinda existed, "We Got Hacked" from Season 1.
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Wow, I never knew that! omfg 
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