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My Wedding Day by PaintTheSkyRed My Wedding Day :iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 3 0
Stars fill up the night,
with every twinkle in your eye.
Your smile is the crescent moon,
that lulls me to sleep at night.
My blanket is your half-assed replacement,
that is never as comforting
as being in your arms.
My apartment neighbors are the soft shuffle,
that mimics your footsteps to my door.
The lazy fan swaying above
is your soft breath on my neck.
Empty pillow next to me is the reminder,
how lonely it is to wake up without you.
Which is why I want to sleep.
This the only solace I have.
Dreams are only place still filled with you.
Where you still want my lingering touches,
my kisses that are breathless
wanting and
My alarm just went off again,
see you in Dreamland.
:iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 0 0
Rainbow Eyes by PaintTheSkyRed Rainbow Eyes :iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 2 0
Magic Touch
He is easily frustrated.
I can read it all over his face.
He will grumble to himself.
His teeth will slightly begin to grind.
His hands will run messily through his short hair.
He will grip the steering wheel,
or grip my hand a little too tight.
I will rub my hand over his hand
and visibly watch him release his tension.
He makes me feel like I have a magic touch.
:iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 2 0
His Hands
I love his hands.
They are strong and wide.
His fingers are long,
his nails are always bitten too short.
I love when his hands hold me.
The way his calloused palms gently grip my wrist.
I don't always know where we are going.
But as long as he is leading the way,
my heart will continue to skip a beat.
:iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 0 2
Mature content
Make Love :iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 0 2
I want to hold you close
So close that our breath mingles
That your eyelashes flutter on my cheekbones
The scent of you to linger on my skin
I want to kiss you
To devour your mouth with mine
Our tongues will intertwine  
And I will grip you to me
I want to love you
Your thin wrists and small waist
I have to remind myself to hold back
Afraid to lose my focus and control
I am worried
That your love will waver
And even if I attempt to hold you
That love will sink through my fingers
Like tiny grains of rice
Taking it further and further from me..
I will push you away with my greediness
I want my name be the last thing you whisper at night
I want my mark on your flesh
I want you
Only if I could reach for you.
:iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 0 2
Mature content
Round One :iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 0 0
A Different Light 6 by PaintTheSkyRed A Different Light 6 :iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 2 0
Heart Like Oprah
I feel like no one should know me.
No one should know my heart.
No one should know how I give it away so easy.
The boy who loved me the first.
The boy who held me close.
The boy who played me.
The boy who who planned my life.
And the one who made me want to throw it all away.
All were given pieces of my heart.
All have taken pieces of me.
Or what I use to be.
I fall so easy I feel like Oprah sometimes:
YOU get a piece of me!
And YOU get my heart!
YOU get my soul!
Not as exciting as a new car but what I can I do?
I trust. I confine. I fall. I love.
I have been stepped on.
I have been tricked.
I have been lied to.
I have been used.
Now I have no heart,
Just another space empty.
Like spaces between my fingers,
Holding my own hand.
Sometimes I can laugh again,
And you can see the glimmer of what I use to be.
And then when the giggles subsided
All that is left is me.
What's left of how I use to be.
No heart. No soul.
All alone.
Not that exciting but what can I d
:iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 3 9
Gave You Everything
It's hard to know that you still care about me.
I am not sure which is worse.
For you still love me but not long for me?
Or for you to not care at all?
Which is the lesser evil: do I love you still or hate you?
I feel bitter and broken either way.
The girl that loved too much.
The girl that loved too hard.
That girl who gave you everything.
Every single part of me.
Every part you wanted and I eagerly gave it up.
I can still feel you inside of me.
When the memories start to choke me,
I feel like it will never end.
I am lost. I don't know what to do.
All I had is yours, you gave it back to me brittle & bruised.
I feel dirty. I feel used.
I gave too much to you.
When you gave me nothing in return.
I thought you wouldn't leave me.
I gave you everything you wanted.
Which I thought was me?
I guess I was wrong.
:iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 2 3
Mature content
It Will Get Better :iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 2 3
Love in a Cup by PaintTheSkyRed Love in a Cup :iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 4 0 Bare Face II by PaintTheSkyRed Bare Face II :iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 3 0 Bare Face by PaintTheSkyRed Bare Face :iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 3 0 Moxie by PaintTheSkyRed Moxie :iconpainttheskyred:PaintTheSkyRed 1 0

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  • Reading: Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.
I am twenty-two. I feel so young and I have stuff to experience but some of the stuff I go through in my life ages me. I feel old and young. Is this still a mid life crisis even though I am not in my 30s?


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Miss Kara
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
My heart has been shattered
My mind has been cracked
Yet I still want more
My name is Kara
My Passion is art
My Love is unbelievable
My Thoughts are unreachable
And my true name is unspeakable
My words are nothing but a waste of your precious time.
I feel so child-ish
Yet I’m growing more mature as the time passes by
My craving is music
My style never matches
So I’m sure you’ll judge me for that
I Hate liars
But I dis-like backstabber more
Food sickens me
But so does my mind
Vanilla coffee is my drug
And books rule my world
Eye make-up hides me from reality
Cartoons are what I watch
Whispering is what I hear
Poetry is what I Devore

I am a dreamer

Dreamer, adj noun
A person who thinks a lot / who is out of touch with practical things.

is my And my - hides from are what I is what I is what I am

Current Residence: Florida
Favourite genre of music: Indie, Folk, Alternative, Rock, & many more.
Favourite style of art: Abstract
MP3 player of choice: IPod Nano 4g
Wallpaper of choice: Polka Dots
Favourite cartoon character: Tommy from Rugrats
Personal Quote: Paint your life red or green or whatever color you want. Make it your own thing.


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