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Secret Love (Sentry x Atheria)


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Paint Stroke tastes the Rainbow


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I Am Eradicator

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Paint Stroke a.k.a MelSpyRose

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Transformers OC Adopt #1: Neona


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An Unexpected Visitor

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TFP: OC-Motorstrike

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TFP: The New Beginning *Wattpad cover*

TFP: The New Beginning Webcomic

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Transformers: Prime: The New Beginning

Old Version of TFP: The New Beginning Webcomic 2

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TFP: The Birth of Optimus Prime (New cover)

TFP: The Birth of Optimus Prime - Webcomic

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Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye cover

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye

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Transformers: Animated: Shadows of Redemption

Transformers: Animated

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From Miner to Evil Warlord

Humanformers and Transformers Human Characters

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Doomsayer and Starcee in the rain

Lara-Kein and MelSpyRose Collab Art and Comics

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The Champion of Omnitron *New Wattpad cover*

The Champion of Omnitron

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Sideswipe x Strongarm are gonna be parents

Pregnant Transformers

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TFP OC: Cliffgate

Transformers Characters

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Optimus Prime Till All Are One

Transformers: Prime and The Orionverse

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TFP: The Legacy of Optimus Prime (New 2023 Cover)

TFP: The Legacy of Optimus Prime-Literature

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TFP: The New Beginning *Wattpad cover*

TFP: The New Beginning-Literature

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TFP: Smokescreen's Destiny cover

TFP: Smokescreens Destiny-Literature

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TFP: The Birth of Optimus Prime (New cover)

TFP: The Birth of Optimus Prime-Literature

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Transformers: The Orionverse Character Voice Ideas

TRANSFORMERS CHARACTERS: Peter Cullen as Orion Pax/Optimus Prime & Nemesis Prime Frank Welker as D-16/Megatronus/Megatron, Soundwave, Galvatron & Darktron Christopher Daniel Barnes as Orion Eclipse/Orionus Prime Tara Strong as Altair Comet & Cinderwire Catherine Zeta-Jones as Firestar/Novastar & Darkstar Emily Blunt as Vespera Travis Artz as Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime Matt Hill as Ironhide LaTonia Phipps as Chromia Venus Terzo as Ariel/Elita-One D. B. Sweeney as Springer Emma Stone as Moonracer Steve Blum as Starscream, Solarshriek & Darksteel Sumalee Montano as Arcee Kevin Michael Richardson as Bulkhead Michael Ironside as Ultra Magnus & Straxus/Darkmount Jeffrey Combs as Ratchet James Horan as Wheeljack Tony Todd as Dreadwing Richard Green as Skyquake David Sobolov as Shockwave George Takei as Alpha Trion Adam Baldwin as Breakdown Will Friedle as Bumblebee/Hivemus Prime Daran Norris as Knock Out Nolan North as Smokescreen/Smokestack Prime, Steve & Skylynx Brandon Rogers as Thunder

The Orionverse Details

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Transformers OC: Blight - Leader of the Shadowcons

Miscellaneous of TFP: Web of Shadows

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TFP: Optimus Prime and Bumblebee - Father and Son

In this story, Optimus Prime founds an orphan baby sparkling on his doorstep. When he and Elita-One decided to adopt him, Optimus named his new foster son, Bumblebee. P.S. I don't own the image for this story. I tried to look up where I found it, but I couldn't find it like I did last night. With that said, enjoy the fanfic~! Optimus Prime was on his way home when he saw a pod on his doorstep. When he walked over to find out what’s inside it, he was surprised to see a sparkling inside. The baby Cybertronian was bright yellow, dark gray, and black. It had cyan blue optics, and it was a mech—a baby boy to be more exact. When Optimus found the note on the pod, he picked it up and he read it as it told him why the baby was left behind on his doorstep. "To whoever finds our sparkling, please know that we left him to save him from the cosmic rust that killed his parents. Take good care of our baby boy for us and raise him into a good mech with love." And that was it. There was no


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