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Published: March 18, 2015
Dear friends! I have good news for you - there is a new software for CG drawing called "Paintstorm Studio".
As you may have noticed, I almost haven’t posted any pictures for the last two years. And the reason for that is as follows: all this time I was busy creating my own software for painting

Yes, when once again, I was dissatisfied with the functionality of the software I was using, I suddenly remembered that in fact I am a programmer by education, so I decided to try to create my own software. It was an absolutely crazy idea, because, as I have heard, software development is thousands of dollars to manage and dozens of programmers to involve. However, it seemed to me that it's not very difficult (naive).

At first, it was just interesting (like how to solve puzzles or playing chess). Then I really became interested in and, as usual, it turned out to be something like "so much already done – nowhere to retreat!" :)

So, I have done a tremendous amount of work (thousands of hours - almost all of my free time I was spending on programming) And now, two years later, my software is finally ready.

It's called Paintstorm Studio. Please visit You can download and try drawing.
You may now want to ask me: Why is Paintstorm the software to pay for? There are many of free of charge programms from reputable companies. Why should you need to buy this software from an unknown developer?

Indeed, at first I wanted to do Paintstorm free of charge, when decided to create a small utility for personal use, that collects all of my favorite features from all the programs I have been used to and combines them into one, but at some point the project has grown into something bigger and more important, and I began to realize that Paintstorm is really good and convenient.
Of course, it may be be missing some tools and filters for image processing, and it has little drawbacks. Paintstorm, though, is all about brush drawing and I tried to make it the maximum quality. Besides, Paintstorm studio has several unique features you won’t find anywhere else.

I would be really thankful and happy if you could do me a favor and tell your friends about Paintstorm. Even if you do are not very interested and you are totally happy with about current painting software, perhaps your artist friends will find Paintstorm helpful. After all, I am not Adobe, and I do not have millions on advertising.
I created it exactly for you, for artists, so you are the only ones to try Paintstorm, tell your friends, if you like. Hopefully other people will also get to know about it.

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Daamn how u motivated urself for make this awesome aapp!?!??!?!?!

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What programming language was this made in, C++? I'm a self-taught web developer at the moment, but am also interested in learning desktop development, and I must say, I'm very impressed at the work possible by one person! Splendid job! I've ditched Photoshop for Paintstorm because it's just a lot better in my own opinion.
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are you a self taught programmer or you went to some collage? because I am trying to learn computer science on my own , also I think that your software
is very fast and performant I saw a lot of good reviews about it and I am considering to try it after I watched Borodante review. 
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My opinion that programming does not require college - just Google :)
But as a programmer, you may use "advanced math" you must be good in math (if we are talking about graphics) 
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WhispererOfDragonsHobbyist Traditional Artist
It keeps deleting my process...omg put a folder where it saves your processes,i kinda stopped drawing digitally because of this...
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PC or iPad? 
if your works on Windows check Documents/Paintstorm Studio/Autosaves/
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sceyefeyeHobbyist Artist
Thank you for being crazy enough to start this project.

This is a quality piece of software regardless of the number of developers, the fact that it is solo just highlights your skills as a programmer.

Not sure how I got the email about the Black Friday special but I bought two copies without even bothering to really try it out. Sure there are things "missing" but what is here is brilliant thus far. Love the perspective tool (think it might be the best implementation including SketchBook - which is good, CSP and Krita - which sux imo)

Please keep up the brilliant work
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MickeyMauserHobbyist Digital Artist
Loving Paintstorm. Great job there. I found out about it via Borodante's youtube channel. And the license price blew me away. Totally affordable and quality functionality. The physics are just sublime from spreading on initial strokes to blending. I'm still developing my personal style but so happy with Paintstorm, I tell everyone that will listen how good it is, hehe. 
I made a huge canvas for a very basic sketch and paint job 8535x11378 pixels, res 72. Had some memory issue moments but mostly because of background app usage.
I've really only touched the surface too, need to develop not just my artistic skills but knowledge of customisation of brushes and paint physics, which is all right there to play around with.
Thanks for a great app! Very affordable quality. 
PC: i7 4770k 3.5 Ghz, 16Gb ram, GTX 980.
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"8535x11378 pixels" If video memory will be overloaded - all will be started to work 2x slower. You can monitoring GPU memory by a free soft called "GPU-Z"
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MickeyMauserHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't usually go that big. And its generally not a problem if I have less running in the background. 3000x25000 300res is my default canvas, and its fine with apps in background.
Thanks for the heads-up on GPU-Z. :) 
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Uncle-TimmyHobbyist General Artist
Wanted the app and wanted to support one man band. So I bought two licenses (Windows). I really love it. It's fast, it's stable and I can now really paint in real time with large brushes. Can't wait what performance/features future will bring for us :-)))))
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diallo41Professional Digital Artist
I have had the desktop version (MAC) now for two weeks enjoying it quite well, then it crashed.  Now, I cannot seem to get beyond the below screen.  Despite clicking on re-open, it will not reopen.  I deleted and reinstalled it several times it still won't take me past this screen.  Any insights would be appreciated.
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oOAudacieuxOoHobbyist Artist
Yeah, um, bought it today and I can't even use it. It's so laggy, I can't even draw anything! Can anyone help?!
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Write to
Describe issue with more details and also point out what version do you use: win/mac/ios? 
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oOAudacieuxOoHobbyist Artist
I downloaded the latest version, 2.10, and I use windows. As soon as I open the app and try to move my mouse within the workspace, it lags a ton and I have to wait a second or two for it update its position to where I moved it to. Also, the windows that automatically appear when the app is opened, creep towards where they're supposed to be. It's like watching a cartoon one frame at a time. I checked my system, I have all the requirements. If there isn't a fix for this version, would an older version work better?
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Try to update graphics card drivers.
oOAudacieuxOo's avatar
oOAudacieuxOoHobbyist Artist
My computer says I already have the best one installed for me, is it possible to get a refund?
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write to
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Klam-DigguhStudent General Artist
I don't know if I'll get an answer here, but I was wondering if I would have to buy two licenses for Paintstorm Studio if I wanted to use this on Mac, but then eventually move onto Windows. Sorry if you saw this question on your website already, I just want an answer before the Black Friday sale ends. Thank you in advance! c:
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Yes, you can activate the license on Win, mac, linux and transfer to different OS and PC it. (but iPad version is separate) 
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AuctaveProfessional Digital Artist
man my wacom lags so hard on paintstorm 
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Do you use Wacom wheel and buttons? Some version of Wacom drivers has a bug that wheel starts to slow movement. Or what kind of lags do you mean?
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