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It was a bright and sunny day on the Sparkling Springs Ranch when a younger Trainer named Phantom contacted Natashia and Rosalie about training a few of her Pokemon.  The sisters happily agreed to training some fun new Pokemon on their ranch.  They were always looking for new friends and a fun challenge.  So the sisters sent their best Pokemon, Philemon the Aerodactyl, to pick the two pokemon that they were to help train.

Philemon returned with two cute little Pokemon.  One a very familiar species to the Ranch, he was a Froakie male named Dexter and the other looked like a Vulpix with Togepi markings named Snow White.  It was later discovered she was indeed a mix of a Vulpix and Togepi.  Both the little Pokemon were excited to be here training.  They were sent to learn two powerful moves, Hydro Pump and Flame Thrower and could not wait to be able to use these moves.

Natashia looked down at the two Pokemon, “Dexter and Snow White, welcome to Sparkling Springs Ranch for some training!  I’m Natashia and this is my sister Rosalie” Natashia gestured to the shorter female standing next to her then gestured to the large Aerodactyl now standing behind her, “And you both already met Phile, I hope he was a good flight attended for your journey here.”
Dexter and Snow White both smiled and explained in excitement and eagerness.
Natashia chuckled, “Alright you two let us head to the training grounds!”

Nastashia and Rosalie led Dexter and Snow White to the training ground on the ranch; a dark shadow cast over them as Phile took off ahead of them towards to training ground.  It was a dusty area with small patches of grass scattered in it.  It appeared as if this area had been stripped of its grass by constant wear and tear.  The abuse the ground had taken became more apparent as they saw two figures one that appeared to be a bull and another that appeared to be a deer like Pokemonoff in the distance staring each other down.

Natashia looked back to see Dexter and Snow White gawking at the two Pokemon, “Don’t mind those two.  Valor and Steele are two stubborn and proud Pokemon that love to spare with each other. It was those two children that wore down my lovely field with their hooves.  But this is far enough away from them to start our training!”  Natashia clapped her hands together and cheered, “Now who is ready!”
Dexter and Snow White both cheered back with approval.
“Alright you two, I want you both to take a couple of big deep breaths and imagine yourself performing the moves you wish to learn today.  Dexter for you that would be Hydro Pump and Snow White, Flame Thrower.  Now face each other and spare.”

Dexter and Snow White turned to face each other, inhaled deeply and began to spare.  Using tackles and scratches at first while they got comfortable with each other and the new terrain they were not comfortable with.  Dexter, beginning levels above Snow White found it much easier to learn new moves; even tho they were still difficult at times.  He inhaled and then summoned all his might to use Hydro Pump.  He blasted a small spout of water on the ground in front of Snow White,  a failed attempt.  Snow White laughed at him and then began to screech in an attempt to startle Dexter and continue to throw him off his game. 
However, this only infuriated Dexter.  He prepared himself again.  Inhaled and exhaled, jumping in the air at Snow White and putting his forelimbs together and blast a power jet of water at Snow White.  This time, the Hydro Pump was successful!

As the large jet of water came towards Snow White she screeched one again in fear, she closed her eyes and tried to roar and startle Dexter enough that he would stop his attack.  Instead a large blast of fire pouring out of the hybrids mouth straight at the large jet of water causing the area to be shrouded in steam.

As the steam cleared Snow White stood there, mouth wide open and blushing.  Not expecting that to happen.   Dexter crossed his arms and looked at the hybrid, quite unsatisfied that she got lucky in learning for to use Flame Thrower.


For AlphaPhantomhive

Yup... I got carried away and totally just crossed Pokemon-ARPG and PKMNation since I still have yet to become fully established in PKMNation to write those Pokemon in instead. xD

726 word story = 3 levels
Snow White: FB x3 + background x3 + 726words= 12EXP
Learned Snow White
Dexter: FB x3 + Background x3 + 726words= 12EXP 
Learned Hydro Pump

SSR in Pokemon-ARPG's Pokemon Mentions
If the cross over is acceptable
Philemon the Aerodactyl gets 7EXP
Valor the Stantler gets 7EXP
Steele the Tauros gets 7EXP
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