Featuring Matiasromero and His Choices For Stock

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The featured artist in this journal is matiasromero, from Brazil.  He has been active in dA for seven years and knows his way around the artform of Photomanipulation, as well as the stock galleries found here in deviantart.  He also creates his own stock imagery, typography, brushes, cut-outs...he is a man of many, many talents.

His first featured deviation is:
:iconthumbplz: Celestial Pendulum by matiasromero

This is a presentation of his works, along with the stock providers he chose for the items combined in his imaginative

I was honored :iconthank-youplz: He used my stock in the following works.

matiasromero =

Matieasromero has attained a customised feel in his creations. :icondragontail3plz:

The title of this piece is CELESTIAL PENDULUM:

:iconangelwingleftplz: Celestial Pendulum by matiasromero :iconangelwingrightplz:
:above: :star: :above:

FULL VIEW REQUIRED :icondragonidleplz:

Upon careful examination you will find
my photo of a handmade Shakahachi Flute

:below: :star: :below:
MINE :star: Hand made Shakahachi Flute by paintresseye :star: MINE

It is now floating in the the fantastic photo called:
"Inside a Castle" Inside a Castle by BecauseImFrench

The castle is by :iconbecauseimfrench: = stefanogamelover :icondragonmusicplz:

Found in EVERY piece of
Infant Sitting Up 7 by o0oTamaraStocko0o
:iconswingonastarplz: THIS adorable baby.

Take note, THIS baby has won a Daily Deviation. :iconhelloplz:


:iconrunplz: You have to visit their gallery to see the DD. :iconifeelfluffyplz:

Check out her home gallery :icono0otamarastocko0o: o0oTamaraStocko0o
and the shot that won the DD. :camera::heart::camera:

You'll find a wonderful collection of children in that account.

:iconmatiasromero: Matias uses` these photographs of her in the works featured here:

Infant Sitting Up 6 by o0oTamaraStocko0o :icondragonhiplz: Infant sitting up 12 by o0oTamaraStocko0o

Another stock account
involved in this unique vision was...


:below: :below:
* unholy-stock  provided the lamp. :iconlove-plz:  This is a very professional resource, 3 year deviant with over 100,000 pageviews.   But who counts those, right?  Very incredible gallery.  Hope you treat yourself to a visit there.

The Bunny appears courtesy :iconalinepotter-stock: =AlinePotter-stock

:iconalertplz: The go-to gallery if you want a rabbit or a bunny. :iconalertplz:

:iconwuvplz: "Celestial Pendulum" is found in Cusumization > Wallpaper > Fantasy :heart:


:iconangelwingleftplz: She Sells Sea Shells by matiasromero :iconangelwingrightplz:
:above: :star: :above: :star: :above:
I hope you will check out the full view :sherlock:
to enjoy the attention to detail shown, as well as imaginative choices of items you will find.

THE PLACE IS FROM MY GALLERY --> antique rustic door stock by paintresseye [doors & windows]

THE OCEAN IS FROM MY GALLERY --> Stock beach action by paintresseye [ocean]

THE SNAKE SKIN IS MY FROM GALLERY --> Snake skin - gray and black by paintresseye [flat textures]

THE SKY IS FROM MY GALLERY --> stock sky 47 by paintresseye

Each one beautifully enhanced by matiasromero. :iconthumbplz:

There is a fox Wild animal 158 - foxie is awake by Momotte2stocks

A specialty of :iconmomotte2stocks: = Momotte2stocks

So, any of you remember :iconwaldoplz: Where's Waldo books?

  The fox and sea shells are easier to find than Waldo,
but still I thought it was fun to look for all the ingredients in

Matias Romero's "She Sells Sea Shells"...

:icono0otamarastocko0o: Baby Infant Sitting Up 6 by o0oTamaraStocko0o  Baby's back Infant sitting up 12 by o0oTamaraStocko0o
Not surprising matiasromero even gives the baby a little twist of his own.  The photographs are in mirror image from the originals.

Appropriate for such a "parallel universe" I'd say. :icondragontail3plz:

This baby is so cute, Infant Sitting Up 7 by o0oTamaraStocko0o Remember, the winner of a DD!  Don't forget to click over to their gallery to have a look.

:iconchop-stock: = chop-stock

In the featured artwork, matiasromero chose this shell, provided by chop-stock --> Shell...... by chop-stock

:iconchop-stock: chop-stock has an entire category of shells :icondragonnodplz:
including so many... by chop-stock and Seashell seashell 2 by chop-stock...just to give you a little sampling.   A whole gallery of
amazing things. :icondragonstretchplz:

Clearly mataisromero knows his way around the stock community.

:icondragonhiplz: The two-ladies-stocks = :icontwo-ladies-stocks:
provided the other sea shell for his detailed manipulation.

Excellent photography. Shell by two-ladies-stocks :icondragonshy2plz: Wonderful stock gallery, indeed.  Very interesting to browse and find inspiration. :iconoak-elfglitter:  


MORE to see of "The Day In A Life" series.  Visit the gallery of

:iconmatiasromero: matiasromero = Featured Artist :iconkirbyishappyplz::iconwowbubbleplz:

© 2010 - 2020 paintresseye
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Oooh, returning from a one-week trip to the extreme south of my country, thank you so much for the HUGE feature!!!
paintresseye's avatar
Sounds like an interesting trip.

I don't have a big following here, but I hope to help a few people find each other. I feel very honored that you and some other good artists have used my stock.

And you guys use some of the best on the stock accounts too. I like helping people find and enjoy them too.

Eventually I think my first news feature will be from here, showing the breakouts of some of the best. Not as crazy with the emoticons/plz stuff.

I believe my traditional artist friends especially will find it interesting. Maybe that will be when paintresseye will come out of the closest and formally introduce herself to my watchers, etc. over at melanierogers.

I have people going from here to there, but not the other way around. I thought pimping in one direction was enough.

Again, I appreciate getting to know the artist behind these incredible images. Your work truly does have a customized feel. I love the series idea.
o0oTamaraStocko0o's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature and the incredible things you said! I am so flattered! :glomp:
melanierogers's avatar
Hey, this is paintresseye, wearing my other identity. Have a little problem with logging in and out today -- of my multiple avatar disorder. :clone:

I'm glad. Maybe it will stir up some new art. The series Matiasromer has made is wild.

:iconfreehugsplz:...and great stock. :love:
o0oTamaraStocko0o's avatar
It is always great to be inspired! :hugs:
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BecauseImFrenchHobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the feature, I aprciate being noticed ^^
paintresseye's avatar

Hope to do it again. You have the talent. Blend something of mine with yours. I'd love to see it.

:iconballoonplz: Haaa
BecauseImFrench's avatar
BecauseImFrenchHobbyist Photographer
Are your deviations all photography or stocks?
melanierogers's avatar
Hi, I'm paintresseye in disguise.

:iconhappysunplz: I say melanierogers is me too, at the bottom of my paintresseye ID, way at the bottom.

I'm racing through dA, so no time to log in and out.

Anything in paintresseye is stock, unless I say otherwise on the deviation.

There would not be many, if any, that are not here for stock. Most are listed in the resource stock submission category.

FREE - just credit me and link the image back here. All I ask. And no horrendous topics.

Other than that, make prints, sell, alter, it will all make me happy. I just want to see it.

Most, if not all, are ready and waiting to be turned in to some new life form.

Haaa :iconrenatoplz: Or, play some small role in a cool photomanipulation...:alteredreality:

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