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Wishing you a happy New Year one more time.  You have to see this great journal skin, in addition to the Featured Art with my texture resources for their backgrounds.

:clap: :iconx-velvetchains-x: = x-VelvetChains-x
used many resources...
--> in a combination
to create this :below: "Parting of the Sensory"
... Parting of the Sensory by x-VelvetChains-x :iconohboyplz:
Out of my gallery she chose :pointr: Wood Age and Rot by paintresseye :idea:

:iconmoscarey: = Moscarey used my :pointr: Blotchy Watercolor Paper by paintresseye
as background :below:
for... Don Julio by Moscarey "Don Julio" :clap:

:iconnagusame: = Nagusame
picked up on :aww: :below:
:pointr: Soft colors background by paintresseye :pointl: MY watercolor background
... and used it :below:
for :clap: ... Oi, oi by Nagusame "Oi,oi"

© 2010 - 2020 paintresseye
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MoscareyStudent Interface Designer
Muchas gracias!!
Thank you!
My english is very bad.

I very happy!
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Your textures rock my socks. Just faved two of them. Can't get enough of the fabric textures.
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That's great. :iconteamoplz:

I'll keep my eyes open. Any hints?

I sent out the sky paintings for my friend Weston :iconsweethugplz: who is having a very tough time with cancer.
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Oh, just keep it up, it's turning out great. I was just wondering if you have considered my proposal about the clock you photographed some time ago.
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:blush: I forgot what your proposal was.

I race through here, and my outside life. Plus, my memory is not my best feature.

:iconfunnyplz: Tell me your proposal again, please?
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So you have that picture of the clock you took sometime ago [link] and I was wondering if you could shoot it again, same angle - face to face - but this time framing the whole of the clock face. I could then cut out the hands and create a .psd file that could be manipulated changing the time on the clock by rotating the hour and minute hand layers so it would show whatever time of the day the manipulator wants it to. What do you think?
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This is just the kind of suggestions I hope for, especially from someone -- well, there aren't others like you. I was going to say "someone like you".

I must have missed that comment when you requested this. Things slip past me, with jumping back and forth between the 2 sites. Plus the "outside" life. I almost frighten myself with what I can forget.

Might be a side effect of using no discipline over my sleep habits. I don't sleep enough. Life is too interesting. And I have a backwards body-clock, speaking of clocks. Pretty common among artists, but I have gotten totally turned around.

Today, {yesterday, officially} I went to bed at 10:30AM, my time, and woke around 4:00PM. So, midnight here ends up being the middle of my day, sort of.

My fascination with dA didn't help this. Now I have friends active and communicating with me, on this schedule. Almost like chats.

I am thrilled to have made friends with you, and others, from all around the world. Enjoying the same things I do. Life is grand.

That clock is at my parents house, and the antique doll is too. I will go over there soon with my camera and get what you have asked. The glass of the face tends to catch the light. What you are going to do sounds excellent.

The top half of the clock is in my gallery, under objects I think. My Mom accidentally bought an old chest at an auction. I was a very little girl, in a tiny coal mining town in Kentucky. They had auctions where they pulled all the furnishings out of houses and sold their stuff in the yard.

Now we have yard or garage sales. But those olden day auctions were something else. My Dad was mad at my Mom. She scratched her nose and the guy said she bought it! Haaa

My Dad took it apart, and made this clock. He could make cool stuff, but he didn't like doing it. He has more fun fixing lawn mowers and fishing poles, stuff like that.

Anyway, the face, and clock were made in the early 60's. Hand built, by my Dad. I was taught not to waste stuff. I wasn't so happy about it when I was little. Now I appreciate what I learned from them.

I'll get those photos out to you soon.

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Oh, I knew you'd like the idea. Before I first met you here, I had proposed it to someone else but never got an answer. Course depending on their message flow - that can be massive for some deviants - things can easily be overlooked sometimes. Tell your dad he's very talented. I don't have even the slightest clue as to how someone would make a clock.

I too could fix my schedule. It's not absurd that I go to bed at 6:30 am most of the days. I've been much of a nocturnal fellow since I got my first (and only and gone) computer, so I believe it has modified my life in many ways (not all positive you see). I still remember the first night with Internet at home. Visiting the Louvre, Museo do Prado. Setting up my first e-mail. First setting foot here, in June 2002. Fragments of cybernostalgia, I suppose. Like you said, life is too interesting. Yes, DA is an important part of this all, met so many like-minded people (as yourself), all weaving the same fabric of dreams at the same place. This is why I never grew tired of Deviantart, I suppose.

Thanks in advance, can't wait to manipulate the imagery.
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I MUST remember :clueless: to view the previous pages of *Replies* in this section. I almost missed this one from you.

I enjoy hearing of your experiences.

About my parents -- with their schedules and mine, I will most likely visit them at the end of this week.

Then I hope I will have a good
clock face for your plans.


I got my own CABLE/good connection to the Internet just a few weeks ago. :pc:

Hoping soon to try out an old printer I got. :deviator: Especially not sure about the ink. That will be exciting if it works. If not, I think I will get a flash drive and take some downloaded :fingerscrossed: images TO a printer.

I would love to print some dA stock images, so I could make my traditional art from them. This week I plan to re-paint the little girl praying, currently in my other gallery. I want to go at it with a new approach. I have to again pick up the little snapshot of her, so I will have it to work from.

You made great use of your intro to the computer world. First night in the...

Louvre, Museo do Prado. :iconbyepeacesad-plz: My bow to your sophistication and classy taste. :D

I noticed you have a large following on some of the things in your gallery.

This paintresseye account has very small traffic. I am happy to be able to focus. Much better to meet someone like you, who is taking time with me.

I would be overwhelmed by the amazing numbers following the works of some artists. I've noticed many of them still manage to be prompt and gracious in their responses.

I splintered off to this account because I am actually a little shy, and all the watchers and attention over there at "melanierogers" gave me kind of stage fright, I guess? Love/hate relationship with attention.

"Fabric of dreams"

Maybe our brains do some of the work that dreams are for, while we are awake, because we are awake in these unusual ways. It is wonderful to find "my people" here. We are all over the world, but living on this same wavelength.

:iconeeeeeplz: Looking forward to future adventures. :floating::iconwowbubbleplz:
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