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Vestial Ninjas

Whoooo....this one was a doozy to make O_O;
I've always liked offical art when they place all the female characters in different outfits (Gundam Wing comes to mind), so I decided to do one of my own in celebration of the time jump in Naruto X3

Photoshop 7
hours: ??
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I've seen this all over the net, this the original?
So cute! Love the outfits!
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wow they look good :iconfabulousplz:
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Really cool! Love the detail in the pic! :D
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Well done I also love the Fanfic this is base on ^^.
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Temari, Ten-ten, Sakura, Ino and Hinata. Gimme the LOVE!! :iconsuperw00tplz:
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Hey this girl copied your work for hinata and didn't credit you. Im trying to get this person banned from DA. If you look in her gallery all of her images are someone elses. And she claims that they are hers.

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Hello! Sorry to jump in =D umm but I think the girl on your link made it very different? probably she should've credited for pose reference, but... as long as it's not something 'traced' I don't think it matters... Well, no one had ever make references out of any of my drawing but... I think it doesn't require a ban? Infact, I think it's the highest degree of compliment, if someone make a reference out of our drawing, isn't it? =D

Anyway @Vestial Ninja, it's very cute ^^ and I'm surprised you can draw ALL of them exactly like the original!
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Your right it can be seen as a compliment. But this deviant has a gallery full of recolors and traces. She doesn't give credit where credit is due. There are rules against this on DA. This the way to pull out the art thiefs and leave DA for real artists who spend time on their work. :)
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INO IS SO FREAKING HOT!!!! Hinta is so cute! and i want all of them for Christmass! :D
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ooh, i love ino... she's like an angel... i want her... XD
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I love how all of the outfits are different ^_^ Awesome job. :)
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hey look


hahaaha spelled like SHITT. just kidding. nice work btw!
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I love it! It's so great to take familiar characters and add a fantasy theme to them. The white and the green really make this picture beautiful to look at. Not to mention the beautiful girls... :P
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I love them all, especially Temari and Ino!
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Oh my gosh! I have seen this picture all over the place...finally, I can see it where it all started! ^_^
Lovely lovely job. :meow:
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This one is so famous !!

I never thought that I'll find the original :wow:
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U got this of the internet!
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You have the right to think so because this picture is really popular.

I've seen it on other websites too.

But I'm sure this is the original..

How did I know that?

I checked the date of submitting to dA ..This never lies. And it's older than any other website.

Plus ,I checked the artist's gallery.. It's full of drawings that share the same style in drawing and coloring.

There's no doubt about it.. They all get it from here.
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No, this is the original artist that the internet stole from. Check before you accuse.
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