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If you have submitted a deviation and it has not been accepted, it is because I made the determination that the deviation did not fit into the abstract category. If you disagree with my assessment, feel free to contact me via note and we can discuss it.
I changed the allowance to one submission per day (was one per week).
I apologize; I didn't realize that the individual folders were not accessible.  Now they are.  You are limited to one submission per week.  Have fun!
There are now folders for each medium (acrylic, oil, mixed media, digital - let me know if I missed one) - please put your new submissions in the appropriate folder.  Thanks, and keep submitting your great work!
I've noticed that some deviations clearly do not fit into the abstract category.  Please be sure to submit deviations that fit in the group's title.  No realism.  Thank you.

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