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Window feet by painter-connor Window feet :iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 4 1 Daylight reflection  by painter-connor Daylight reflection :iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 7 2 The falling of the sum by painter-connor The falling of the sum :iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 2 2 Holiday concluded  by painter-connor Holiday concluded :iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 4 2
Smile :) (take the dare)
A smile.
It's international, like most actions but this ones significant. It's sharing kindness between people who may not be able to be kind through words. It's something that when your on holiday like I am you get a boy or girl smile at you. Almost like a hello. But a physical version of saying this. It's amazing.
I bring this up as those who follow me know that I'm on holiday. Now I'm 16 and that's not that old so when I look over to someone younger like 13 a simple smile shows that we see each other as simple as that. And that's what happened to you.
I dare all of you to smile to the next person you meet. If you make eye contact I would like you to smile. Just to give a little joy to them and you. Go on. I dare you
:iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 5 2
Beneath the skies by painter-connor Beneath the skies :iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 4 0 Holiday time by painter-connor Holiday time :iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 3 0
You losing a freind! Read this (part 2)
As I said yesterday everything gets better. Everything! This deep black hole you might thing your in now is only a whole. There's a top and there's always a way out. And you could get out of the hole over time... Maybe by you! Maybe by pure luck. You could climb and keep trying to change things to get up. And you WILL make it. Or you could wait for the crap and water to pile up until you can stand on it with high enough pride to get out.
One way or another your out. Yes there will be that pile of crap always there behind you. But that's the best thing just either look back to make the future full of flowers to block of the scent of crap or block it out entirely by never looking back. Your choice.
I have a freind I lost for a long time. And it's horrible. It's like you think of them and the past and every time it's a stab to the heart and you fell it. But it will resolve. My freind has now realised what he is doing and we are fixing it. However, even if that didn't happen I was slowly p
:iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 3 1
Hating myself
Please read. I'd like feedback on if what I think is correct. Please do. Thanks.
Sadness in all forms is bad. But it can be triggered by many things. For me it's from myself as a person and my progression through what should be a normal life as well as the past.
I always think I'm not good enough it's a terrible trait. I am a 16 year old boy who is chubby and even now has never kissed a girl. Which bugs me. All my frejnds have and I haven't.
Am I not good enough?
Am I an irritant?
Do I not know that I'm s horrible person?
I don't think I am. But that must be the reason why no one wants to. I've had girlfriends but they never kiss me or I them. Not sure if I'm a coward or ugly. Or both.
See this annoys me. I have a freind who's younger than me at the age of 13. And I now his frejnds and I'm pretty sure they have kissed girls. Now isn't that sad? Like honestly how horrible. I'm older and I've done less. I hate it.
That's just another thing I do.
I look to the past. I had a group of frein
:iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 0 1
Waterfall paradise by painter-connor Waterfall paradise :iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 2 0 By the pool side by painter-connor By the pool side :iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 0 4
You losing a friend? Read this
Hello you.  :)
How are you. I hope your great. You should
Be. Your alive.
You may not think that's such a great think at the moment. But it's amazing. No matter what the problem. Your Alice. Your breathing.
Your seeing the world around you. Wether good or bad. Developing your understanding of life. Your gaining knowledge on stuff around you. Your developing. Wether for the better or worse your growing. Sometimes things needs to be broken to Truly be fixed.
That's why you can't let things get to you. I have a problem where a freind who was a rear freind of mine. Which I would speak to him for anything has now started to be mean all because of the people around you. But I've learnt you can't let it annoy you. You must move on and I know that sometimes moving on is hard but you must try. Try and fill the gap or do something.
( I will continue this tonmorow, so look tomorrow for more advice and help)
:iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 1 0
Beauty in colour. by painter-connor Beauty in colour. :iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 5 7 The reflective paper by painter-connor The reflective paper :iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 13 6 Progression by painter-connor Progression :iconpainter-connor:painter-connor 2 1


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Tonmorow I will be going on holiday. So will not be typing for a while until I get back or get wifi


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United Kingdom
I am a young person at the age of 16 who is going through life continuing art. In college and future. I hope o put all my work I create into here and hopefully will become a true artist.


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