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E.O.A.R - Page 40

Warriors- Eyes of a Raven- Page 40
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Wow. Much writing. Very words. Such bubbles.
So when reading my comic pay close attention to what characters are saying because its normally really important! Ive had lots of confused fans who ask me questions when its clearly explained in the comic ^^'

Soooo I've been thinking of maybe asking for help making these comic pages. for like colouring and stuff XD I'm really busy with school and I now struggle to get pages out every week :I  And I want to be doing other stuff when drawing not just constantly working on a page in my spare time ;-;

Art & comic & E.O.A.R (c) me
Raven (c) me
Warriors (c) Erin Hunter
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I see’s a Firestar is her eyeee
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Oml I don’t remember commenting this or seeing this page

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O-O oh no that’s not good

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You brought me back to the good times UuU
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Oh okay that’s good! ^w^

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That sounds rather hasty of Stormtrooper (My nickname for Stormfur... Long story that I have forgotten long ago...)
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I dont really think Stormfur would've killed a younger cat like that, BloodClan collar or not. It wouldn't seem like him to just decide that a cat, only of apprentice age, would deserve to die without explaining themselves first. I think Stormfur would've understood the situation? 
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If u read the dawn of clans books this story is backwords The fight with blood clan was after the tribe of rushing water. Is  scrouge a desendence of Raven then? or was it all a dream that bird had.
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What? The “Dawn of the Clans” arc is in the past. Yes, the Tribe of Rushing Water existed before all the Clans, but how does that make the story “backwards”?
It’s been confirmed, although I do not have a source link at this very moment, that the Clans were formed all the way back in 19something (no lower than 1980s, though). When “Into the Wild” starts, it’s probably like 20-30 years later, maybe even longer.

The battle with BloodClan started in “The Darkest Hour”. The cats journeying to the Lake Territories started in “Midnight”, the first book of the “New Prophecy” arc. On that journey, the six travelling cats came in contact with the Tribe of Rushing Water. Just because the Clans existed then, doesn’t mean that the Tribe had vanished. 

You speak as though you’ve only read the 5th arc, DotC, and maybe a few books of the first arc, TPB. 

Raven was born long after the Clan cats arrived at the Lake Territories, and established their borders. 

Okay, here’s a brief Family Tree:
Scourge + Bloodbird = Bird, Ash, Tiny
Bird + Ravenpaw = Raven

Scourge is most definitely not Raven’s DECENDANT, as he is her GRANDFATHER. 
The Prologue certainly wasn’t a dream. 

Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense. I didn’t have sufficient sleep last night, so I’m quite tired.
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wait he was a clan cat that means he is stormfur
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the cat talking isn't stormfur. it's stoneteller, he's talking about stormfur.
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I knew she was half Clan, but I didn't know her daddy was Ravenpaw!
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Did you pay attention to the Prologue? When it gets to the Bird and Raven scenes, it clearly states that Ravenpaw is Raven’s father.
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Stormfur should have let her die she is a bloodclan cat she is nothing but trouble this is from the veiw of my oc darksnow a clan cat
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Raven isn’t actually fully BloodClan. She may carry around the collar, but she is definitely not pure BloodClan. 

BC - BloodClan
LO - Loner
FC - Forest Cat/ Clan Cat
FC + BC - Half Clan 

Scourge (BC) + Bloodbird (BC) = Bird (BC/LO), Ash (BC/LO), Tiny (BC/LO)
Ravenpaw (FC/LO) + Bird (BC/LO) = Raven (FC+BC/LO)
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Hecc snazzy. Lol my oc darksnow is rude :3. The comment was from th3e view of my oc. My opinion on raven is AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SHE IS A LIL FLUFF CHILD LEMME HUG HER :D
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Oh!! Sorry, I must have missed that bit. Again, terribly sorry ^^;

(The comment was from th3e view of my oc. -Quote)
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Lol my fault ew look at my awful comment skills. Lol. 
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At first: what a nice story his father isnt cannon and-
is that ravenpaW?
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is dat Fire in his eyeballz???
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stormfur. stormBURR (sorry hamilton is life)
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