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:.: Cinderwhisker Application- TLOTC :.:
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Published: June 11, 2017
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Updates on Cinderwhisker 
She is now a Mackerel Tabby! Her design has changed! 
All of her paws are now white ;v;

Basic info

••Name: Cinderwhisker
••Rank: Warrior
••Clan: Duskclan
••Age: 25 Moons
••Apprentice: Lightpaw
••Mentor: Stoneheart ( NPC )


••Parents: Nightfeather ( Mother, NPC ) Shadowwhisker ( Father, NPC )
••Siblings: Redeye ( Sister, NPC, rouge ) 


••Positive traits••
-Loyalty is a trait that Cinderwhisker holds on to greatly-

-Cinderwhisker is Trustworthy-

••Neutral traits••
-Cinderwhisker is patient, but that could lead to some flaws.-

-Getting her sneakiness from her father, Shadowwhisker, she feels like she is seen as a sly cat.-

••Negative traits••
-She doesn't think about her actions before she does them-

-It takes quite a while to gain her trust-



As a kit, Cinderkit was raised mainly by her mother, only once or twice a moon would her father come visit her. 
This upset her, so Cinderkit and her littermate, Redkit, sneaked from the clan camp in search of their father, to prove themselves to him. 
Shadowwhisker was leading a border patrol on the Nightclan - Duskclan border, and the two young kits eventually found themselves to him. 
He was annoyed at them for a few seconds, then praised them for making it all the way out there on their own, though out of earshot of the rest of the patrol. 

Their father let them walk the rest on the patrol with them, but a few moments later, a pack of dogs jumped out, mauling at any cat they could see. Shadowwhisker immediately rushed to put his kits in a tree and fight. 
The wounds each cat received were severe, but her father's ones were the worst, due to him taking on the biggest one to save a newly made warrior.

To the shock of his patrol, and the kits, Shadowwhisker died when he got back to the camp from heavy bleeding.
Cinderkit and Redkit were forced to go back into the nursery, and Nightfeather attempted to give them a scolding, but was covered with grief and anger.


Not long after Cinderpaw and Redpaw were named apprentices to Stoneheart, a fully grey Tom with shining green eyes, and Fernclaw, a ginger and white she cat with dark blue eyes, Nightfeather had ran away from the clans to find her revenge for Shadowwhisker's death. 
Nightfeather did not return, and this angered Redpaw, blaming Cinderpaw for mother's her disappearance and her father's death. 
Redpaw ran away, leaving Cinderpaw with no family in the clans. 

During a battle with Nightclan, two apprentices had cornered Cinderpaw, and would soon make their last strike, until another apprentice in her clan called Wolfpaw saved her, this lead to a friendship and happiness for Cinderpaw.

Becoming a warrior at the age of thirteen moons, she was named after her brave father, Shadowwhisker, and received the name Cinderwhisker.

-- more will be added --

She's not an elder yet!

Extra Info
••Cinderwhisker got the scar on her face from the Duskclan-Silentclan Badger Attack

••Her theme song is Wait For It from Hamilton

••Cinderwhisker always dreamed of going past her clan's territory, to adventure the world. 

Founder EternalFyr
App by LaurenBlu

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