Final Update, Farewell DeviantART!

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Hey folks! 

So, as you might've noticed I'm no longer active here. I had made this decision due to the fact I hardly socialize on here, DA memberships are expensive (and something I can't afford atm) and I hardly am commissioned anymore on this site and therefore posting art here and attempting to advertise myself is close to useless. 

If you are interested, I AM active on the following social medias;

FA -…
Twitter (Most active) -
Instagram -

My commission info can also still be found here;…

Thank you folks for your support over the past 7 years. DA has been my home for so long and I have met so many, fantastic wonderful people on here. I owe a lot to this site for growing me into the person I am today <3

Best regards,

- Isaac / Atlas 
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farewell dude ilike your gallery