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Pistol Ozini by Painted94 Pistol Ozini by Painted94

Pokemon: Ponyta

Nature: Relaxed

Ability: Flame Body

Move Set: 

Stomp (normal)

High Horsepower (ground)

Flame Charge (fire)

Agility (psychic)

Name: Pistol Ozini

Gender: Male

Birthday: April 9th

Age: 18 yrs

Height: 5"7

Relationship Status: Single

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Bi/Bisexual

Kingdom: Diamonds
Current Residence: D
ead center to the Northern Dessert just before the stream ends, has a small outpost stable set up for weary travelers.

Occupation/Title: Stable Master

Card Rank: 6


+ Adventurous, Generous, Organized, Gentle

While many think of fire types as the hot headed individual he takes more after his mother a mudsdale in being gentle natured whether to other people or animals. He keeps everything on a list, counts his belongings out at the end of the day and makes sure everything is well organized. Pistol has a streakof generous nature, oftwn giving away more than he hasto the needy. He loves to travel and feel a sense of adventure meeting the rest of the world and bringing a bit of joy to it in the form of a wonderful steed. 

- Hot, Overbearing, Naive, Oblivious

While you might think i meant it one way, but he is actually really hot to the touch, especially his hair. It can scald you if you're not careful or he gets mad. He's very willing to please but to a fault where he can sometimes help someone more than they really want or need. It gets kinda annoying with his constant requests to help. He's still a young man and really he hasn't seen much of the world,his passion for adventure blinds him to dangers out there. He can't keep much attention on one subject or person he has to be doing something new constantly. 


The story starts before his birth, his family were top horse breeders for the kingdom of diamonds, supplying labor heavy loads with tall drafts and competitive sports with slimmer design. But the main focus was the war, breeding taming and rearing war ready horses for the fight was the huge gold mine that started the business. Nowdays with more peaceful interction they sell the horses for pasture feeding or compainions.

From birth he was pratically set in saddle for horseback riding, riding along with his mother a mudsdale of very tall stature and extremely toned from hard labor. His father was a bit more stream line, a rapidash with very long strong legs for traveling on foot. The family of the ranch also known as "Dashing Rapids" The place being built near river rapids where the water was clean. He had nothing really awful happen in his life save for many a time falling off the more wild horses and injuring himself. So growing up he just didn't make alot of friends with other people so much as the horses themselves. Once he was older he began to build and set up a small Stable nearby to bring in travelers and more income. He later named it "Inferno Stables" For the blistering heat the dessert brings. 


Their birthday is on national Unicorn Day

They're excellent at sprinting and are extremely fast

Has an obsession with treating his horses like his kids

Loves peppermints

RP Methods: 

Discord (in chat and Dm's) -request in discord chat for DM

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