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The Head Matriarch

The Head Matriarch Healey.

A plump, middle aged woman of typical dress who appears to believe, truly believe, that she’s a lioness god. If anyone in the room knew enough to recall her plain, aging appearance, her graying hair, fleshy jowls, and wrinkled face not stern, but not kindly, it would be hard to cower when she screamed at you. It would be irritating, this old frumpy woman screaming about your impetuosity. So too would be the case had she felt the way she truly looked. Perhaps then, her screams would shrink into meek and uncertain whispers.

But this plump, middle aged woman, she believes she’s a lioness of a nature most divine. And so she appears as such, and she roars as such.

And everyone in the room, even the strong, capable, young people, withdraw nervously into their shadows as she yells at them. She is a divine lioness to them, too
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Faved for not only the amazing art, but the amazing artist's comment as well. Thank you for making me smile! <3
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thank you so much! * U* <33 aaa I'm very happy you like it!!
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Wow, the lighting in this is amazing! :omg:
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you're welcome! ^^
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Lady: F**k you!!

Man: I'msosorryIwillneversayitagain...
painted-bees's avatar
hehehe >:3

(ALSO this is totally unrelated, your icon a tiiiiny sprite of trubbish??
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Yes! I got it from the person in my signature, who went through , multiple accounts. She had other icons, but I forget what they are...
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Now this is simply fantastic! From the colours to her plumpy figure, it is amazing!
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aw yay! Thanks a ton! * U* I'm happy you like it so! <33
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Met a few like that lol. Beautifully done. :)
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hehehe thanks!! 
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Oooh! I like it! ^_^ Even if all that is true, still wouldn't want to mess with her tbh. >.>; 
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hehe thanks!! :D <3 glad you dig! 
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I love the intensity and the lighting of this image. The expression on the lioness is also fantastic--the browline and the teeth looks so believable. It's all so great.  Did you take inspiration from the Cordoba Mosque for the background? I love it.
painted-bees's avatar
Aaah thank you so much for the tremendous compliment! * U*<33

And yes! Though 'inspiration' is a pretty loose term, I straight up ripped off the architecture for this 8D That Mosque has such an amazing interior ; u;
Akaikane's avatar
No problem! If I didn't mean it, I wouldn't have said it. You deserve all of the praise. <3

Booyah! I don't know why I'm so jazzed to see it, but I agree completely. Cordoba has some really great architecture in it. Your image here totally does it justice too.
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This sounds like its based on someone you know
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it could very well be, though not intentionally * u*! 
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