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Pontis Cast

Done! The main cast of Pontis :]
The last time I drew a proper line-up of these guys for design purposes, it looked like this.
I’m a little happier with these new ones, I think.
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they look amazing!
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thank you so much! * U* I'm happy you like 'em!! 
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Fantastic designs, Bees! 

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ahhh, thank you so much, Boss!! <33
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wow those costumes!!! :O
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I'm happy you like 'em :D Thanks! 
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Big fan of Mana's more practical and believable warrior/general's attire.;-P Also love the design of the girl on the far left (can't remember her name). I notice they've all got the missing peg on their pendants too, interesting touch.
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In fact, Julian still has all four of the pegs, but no one ever gets to see that because the pendant is always drowning in his sea of clothing lmao So no one, even in story, ever notices really. 
The girl on the far left was Natalja (now named Niyati) :D I'm really happy you like her, I've kinda restructured the whole story to make her the main protagonist! 
 Mana's outfit was a brat to produce, and I'm still not 100% about it, but that's just because I know so little about armor/military attire in general--and so my confidence with it is mega shaky haha! But it's indeed a lot more sightly, I think, than her previous depictions!

 Thanks so much for the kind words, Boss!! 
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Haha, guess I'm not as observant as I thought! I can see the peg there now. XD
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Your style is great, I love the clothing and their expressions :)
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thank you, kindly!! :D 
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