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Friendship is magic, right?...

Misty: *watches as the Alicorn flies through the sky* ... I don't understand... if friendship is magic then why did she replace us? *she lays her head down and sniffles and cries more*
Firecracker: *looks up, glaring at the alicorn* Because friendship has a way of protecting us from the ponies who aren't worth it. *she nuzzles her sister trying to make her feel better.*

Just a little vent art with Misty and Firecracker when they were younger. They used to have a young Alicorn friend who betrayed them and replaced them with ponies she barely knew.

Firecracker belongs to Reixxie
Arctic Mist belongs to me
Mystery Alicorn is Mystery Alicorn.
All art in this pic is copyright to me, however I did reference Firecracker and Misty's poses from:
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