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I don't post stuff anymore

I probably won't get mad if you repost/use/trace my art or something

I deleted some of my posts because I didn't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. if you need/want to see them for any reason, I still have them saved, just send me a note and I'll send them to you. I'm sorry about posting them, at the time I didn't consider how they could make people uncomfortable. I understand now.

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Thanks for you Llama jump

:iconchronophontes: Euthie doesn't believe in saying thank you, so I will: thanks for the llama and the fave on "My toy"!

Thanks for the llama! Returned~

Thanks for the llama!

* ben shapiro voice * okay so for the sake of argument let's acknowledge that techonoblade is a pig. and let's also say that fundy is a fox. and, for the sake of argument, we'll also say that wilbur's wife is a fish because that is a fact. and we will also say that this is a roleplay, because wilbur soot is not attracted to fish nor are techno/fundy actual animal creatures. now, for the sake of argument, liberals, we'll say that a furry roleplay is defined as people pretending to be anthropomorphic animal characters for entertainment. now, do you see the Truth? The Dream SMP was a furry roleplay all along. There is no denying this Fact.

Thank you so much for the favorites!! I really appreciate it!! Chiyo Flowers Icon littleheartsplz