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I was tagged by :iconirete:
Thanks :D


1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other people with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).

4. Post their avatars and write the characters name next to them.


Alrighty... so I was tagged with my character Mali, but I literally just changed her name to Tuli, so we're gonna use that XD
This is also gonna be a little hard since the character is still in development along with my other co's for my potential story, but thank goodness she's one of the more fleshed out characters. Anyway, lets jump right into it!


1. Tuli was born premature, so she is always a little smaller than the other cubs her age, although she does her best to use her size to her advantage. The early birth also leaves her with weaker claws, which proves a challenge when learning to hunt. 

2. Tuli means 'quiet' in Swahili, and is short for Tuliza meaning 'calm'. True to her name, she is usually very quiet around lions she doesn't know well, as she doesn't know what to say to them, but comes out of her shell when she's with family and close friends. She can get lonely due to her soft nature, but has been known to be very stubborn whenever she loses her temper. 

3. (As of now) there are only two others her age in their pride, as the pride is relatively small and not as well nourished as most others, resulting in fewer cubs. One of these cubs is Tefu (WIP name, meaning tender) who is her best friend. 

4. The other cub from the pride is Kuji (meaning confidence), who is Tefu's cousin and troublemaker of the gang. Kuji teasingly nicknames Tuli 'cricket', as when they first meet he makes fun of the fact that she is pretending to hunt a 'leaping gazelle' which is actually a tiny African grasshopper. 

5. Her mother is Tamu (meaning sweet), and her father is Akili (meaning intelligence). She takes after both of them in personality, but is more like her mother in appearance. 

6. Tuli taught herself to climb trees in order to avoid the wild dog pack that hunts along the borders of their territory. (Akili may have scared her a little when warning the cubs about the dangers of other predators)

7. She befriends some cubs from a neighbouring pride after she gets lost in a thunderstorm, which triggers certain events that I won't spoil here. 

8. Her personality is loosely based off my own. 

I'm tagging:

1. :iconsalem20: - Ifu or Kamau (I couldn't decide)

2. :iconjynfury14: - Choma 

3. :iconnala15: - Chaka

4. :iconflamefeathertail: - Safiri

5. :iconjoanna-tlk: - Maisha

6. :iconzee-stitch: - Jamili

7. :iconsarn-elyren: - Anapenda

8. :iconjuffs: - Milk

If you have already been tagged then feel free to either do it again or just ignore :) No pressure for those who don't want to do the tag.
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