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I would like to explore this site a bit more and maybe make some online friends... but I don't know how.
I once managed to enter into a chatroom but it was empty, the only thing writing was the chat bot. I don't even remember how the heck I found that place and I was really surprised to find out that deviantart has a chat function.

I have to start mucking around stuff and profiles in here.

they see tem rollin' [[ICON]]
Well, like I said on tumblr I decided to start a challenge with myself to beat my damn laziness and my destructive procrastination.
It will be a simple doodle challenge to start drawing every day, like I used to do when I was in school...
and it was almost 5 years ago (yes I know I'm a disaster Ashamed  and I literally stopped to draw for like 3 years after the diploma shame on your head ) so this might help to improve my confidence as well 'cause I didn't draw properly for too long.

I will start next monday (february the 8th) and the challenge will be about pokèmon.
I can draw them without worrying too much about finding a subject every day for the rest of the year so... Srry yea yeah! Perfect!
But I won't do all of the generations. I will stop at the end of the second one, because I don't like much the others and there are too many pokèmon actually. So it will just be 251 of them, sorted by index number.
This means from bulbasaur Bulbasaur la plz mewMew La Plz !
and from chikorita Pokemon celebi Shiny Celebi :la: !

La la la la YAAAAAAAAAY!!!

Good luck to me! PokeBall 
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I made a paint berri account!
If you are there and see this cat down here, it's me!
 Popatochisps by Painroses

That's a cool site! It's still on beta testing now but it's a fun place to draw, and see a lot of other people drawings, and play a game were you can doodle something with other 2 people, and see a lot of fanart of undertale (too much), and... oh I missed the main thing! You draw directly on the website (can't upload stuff from the pc), and you have to draw everything!
Well I'm not able to explain things so... just go and see it yourself!!!
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Check it out! Shop!!!
Well, there isn't much stuff now, but I'll upload it sometime, so go and take a look once in a while!!!
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