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London In 2220
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"-The future, is coming on...."

-2-D, Gorillaz
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I think this would be awesome to have if it weren't from roller coaster tycoon but London is my home so whats there not to like :)
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London is a bit of a roller-coaster 
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What an aesthetic clusterfuck. Nicely done.
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The best part is... I've seen all these monuments in real life. I am so happy I can say that.
By the way, great job. 
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This was my wallpaper for a long time. Thanks for that!
That's soo pretty.
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Wow!! How did you do that?
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it`s very goodly !!!!!!!!!!
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this is not your photo!!!
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Great ! Would be really fun is=f it goes like this in the future :) Anyway... Big Ben is the best ~ ! :p
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oh no, i wouldn't like london to look like that never..
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that would be awesome.
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That's just awesome. It looks like a real picture. beautifully done.
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Future looks good to me:DD
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