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I cant believe I did this

wow this was first, never saw one done, but tattooed lips before, but this was different, the Papillae constantly got in the way, plus it was inconstant movement, she couldn't stop her muscles from moving across her tongure add in, not normal process, ya know rinsing and such

wow what a trooper, but so her idea, just wish the stencil didnt stick so well!...sigh, maybe more pics tomorrow, yes I know its a poor tattoo, just try oen for yaself then talk to me
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Jun 3, 2009, 7:50:53 PM
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Hey all Update on tongue it is offically 2013 and yes I need to have my tongue redone. you can see the outline of the kool aid man, after much consideration and opinions I hae determined the kool aid man must live on!!!!
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Sorry never saw this, hit me whenya in bg
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may i ask a tattoo on the tongue may hurt alot? and plus does it destroy your taste buds and if the acids in the spit erode the ink??!?!?!? sorry i was thinking of getting it done
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damage was minimal to the tissue, but we couldve gone deeper, it barely stayed, it was high on the pain scale she said, but oral tattoos have tendency to fade
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Thank you, helped alot with helping me decide to get it or not :3 x
I miss you so and must come in to see you!! oh and guess what as of today June 7 2011 you can still see the kool aid guy rockng on my tounge and yes I am still a potty mouth!!! - Nicki
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eeek I miss you too, I am back working at taboo....yeah go figure....

wow really u can still see it...sweet
totally glad I checked my 3769 deviant satisfactions....sorry peoples
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damn, i wish i could tattoo my tounge..
any way, nice work for a moving place! :)
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Neva seen one on the tongue before. So it would be possible to get my tongue striped, yes? How much did it actually cost?
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I don't think I charged her much, mere formality to do such a experimental piece

I wouldn't advise it, to get it to stay would possible induce some serious trauma

just becarefull
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Oh, ok. I think I'll just stick to getting a pinstripe down my back. The UV ink is very interesting.
This is pretty rad!!! I couldn't help thinking "Oh yeah!" while kissing her though. ;)

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My dear friend Niki

Most any person witha pulse would think "Oh Yeah" while kissing her...LOL
i've managed to some how cut my tongue with a toothbrush and it bled like a bitch. you on the other hand are tattooing someones tongue. was there blood?
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yes there was blood, and ink, and saliva, but diligent wiping/rinsing (we had couple of buckets just in and a couple of rinses of diluted Listerine was done too while we worked to get the excess ink and blood out...
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Is that a legit tattoo?! I didn't think that was possible! xD
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yes it is

and it was nearly impossible, I can not even began to explain the difficulty, the only thing that kept my nutts from falling off was my dear friends gaze like a I was a god

sadly only whisp stayed permanently(bout 3 months to fade), but we decided it can be done deeper safely

was a pure first for me, so the learning curve was skyrocketing
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The stencil laid out on her tongue??
Did you have to wipe it with green soap? That's crazy. There's this other apprentice I went to school with that got someone to tattoo a peace sign on hers. She got another apprentice to do it becuase she works at a bigger shop so it looks funny and she threw up on the guy so she was probably a little enebriated haha. They didn't try the stencil I believe.
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nope her tongue had plenty of moisture even after being wiped off (plenty of Listerine, and a good brushing of the teeth, for prep)
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So the saliva worked? wow
Cool shit dude. You're both very brave lol.
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