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Akatsuki RIP by Marija343

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"Out of my own great woe I make my little songs." - Heinrich Heine (1797 - 1856)(German poet)


I am so sorry
that I cannot
catch my breath
I will breathe in a moment
help me.
:iconpagesofdreams:PagesOfDreams 1 0
detangling dangerous circuitry
at the beginning
I was innocent
I believed I was strong
I believed I was secure
I believed I was a protector
I believed I was an advocate
I believed I stood for righteousness
I believed I stood for justice
I believed I stood for healing
I believed I stood for the weak
I believed I stood for the helpless
I believed this would never change
but slowly
I became the weak
I became the helpless
to all the pain that I witnessed
to all the cruelty I saw committed
to all the indifference and even prejudice
my voice started out strong and diminished to a silence
I was silence by all of the
popular politics
the strong opinions
the negative thoughts
the active gaslighting
my voice died a slow cruel death
silently watching
my soul screamed
and I could remember a message from King that said
that those that stand by are just as guilty of the perpetrators
and I knew I was guilty
the guilt ate away at me
my happiness corroded
rotten on the inside
but happiness remained intact on the outside
toxic energy
:iconemilywrites:emilywrites 5 4
Mind Musing I
Mind Musing I
In a matter of speaking, the concept of thinking is the perception of a world in an endless stream of consciousness incapsulating the predispositions,  ideals, means of discerning, faith, logic and abstraction.
Free-thinking is reduced by society with standardization, the hazing of the so-called strange and a corrupt breed of  socially accepted "normalcy."
The term "normal" is completely relative. Each individual, in accordance with one's sociological, behavioral, moral and religious backgrounds, has a predisposition to what their culture deems as the norm. The outcast is like society's preverbal scapegoat,  receiving putrescence from those that lack the capacity to comprehend their nature and flung outside of the camp, carrying the blame on their shoulders.
:iconkarafan-heap:Karafan-heap 1 1
Best Friend or Not
I'm talking to you, yes you, the one that's staring at me right now
And I ask you if you remember me
Then, as I expected, you shake your head 'no'
You know, I'm that blonde girl you used to hang around
The one you used to call "Best friend"?
Still nothing? You've got to remember, you left me for my sister
You were my best friend, we used to be so close
Then that summer came, the summer that was more than a bummer
Well, for me anyway
You know, the one where we stopped talking?
Well, it was my fault I guess, I was going through a lot
I wonder if you would have cared
I tried to talk to you again at school, but I guess I was still upset
I'm sorry, truly, I am
I failed at being a good best friend
But then, you gave up on me, you started talking to my sister
And never stopped
You reminded me of everyone else
Always choosing her over me
But, hey, I accepted that a long time ago from everyone else
But not from you, never from you
But that's okay that you don't remember me
Because I remember yo
:iconsingerofthenight:SingerOfTheNight 11 2
I tried
I tried to count my scars,
But I couldn't tell
Where one began
And another ended.
So I tried to count the cuts,
But I couldn't, because
Blood smeared across my skin,
Connecting them like a thin,
Red veil of pain.
And so I cried.
I cried a single tear, because
When I need to cry,
I can't.
Finally, I sat down,
And put pen to paper,
Or fingers to keys.
And tried to write my emotions.
But I couldn't, because
I don't know how to tell the world
What I feel like,
When I have no right.
I looked from the blood stained tissues,
Across my torn body,
Into my own eyes, reflected perfectly by the mirror before me.
Another tear was pulled from my eyes by gravity.
By this invisible force that makes me
Oh, so, miserable.
:icondawnmoon13:Dawnmoon13 1,368 458
I'm not sure how to tell you,
I was never good with words.
I think that I'll just write it,
I'll put it into verse.
I think it started last year,
No wait it was long before that.
It started when I was a little girl,
When my best friend called me fat.
I didn't think much of it then,
Didn't realise how deep I'd been cut.
I bet she doesn't remember it,
But now I'm in a rut.
That wound was left to fester,
It was left to grow much worse.
I didn't realise how bad it was,
Until the day it burst.
I remember that day so clearly now,
It's burned deep into my mind.
I placed my feet onto the scales,
And feared the thin red line.
It hovered over 46,
And I thought "That's not too bad."
But then I remembered all the other girls,
And my weight just made me sad.
Maybe sad isn't quite the right word,
To describe what I was feeling.
My heart had gone numb and cold,
But my head inside was reeling.
I didn't think I had a problem,
I thought my thoughts were fine.
I thought I was doing good for myself,
In le
:iconmaestosomaestro:MaestosoMaestro 3 7
Mature content
God? :iconmearoxie:mearoxie 3 0
Staring out at the window...
Staring out at my window at night
thinking about everything
thinking about the past
Staring at the shining stars
calming me
and seeing if i can hear God
But all i hear are random voices in my head
telling me to go die
telling me that i dont belong here
Staring out at the window at night
tears rolling down my face
and crying to myself
The pain deep inside
that no one see
crying for help
No self esteem
no life i want to live
just crying myself to sleep every night
I stare at the window
staring at the stars
hoping to disappear someday some how....
:iconmyloveforyoueternity:MyLoveForYouEternity 1 5
Looking into the mirror
I look into the mirror
and see a reflection
of a girl i use to be
A reflection of myself
a reflection i hate
as i fade away into the night
I see ghosts all around
all about the dead
and this darken life i live in
I look into the mirror
and see myself as a hideous human being
a darken life that i live in
Wating to kill
wanting to die
and wanting to feel pain
A life i wasnt suppose to life
a life that shouldnt be here
as i will fade away into the darkness and whisper
"I will disappear soon, so dont care about me anymore!"
:iconmyloveforyoueternity:MyLoveForYouEternity 1 5
When i think of death
i believe that i will be in a different life
a life that i want to live
a life that i will love
I believe that my soul will take me
to a better place
a life not like this one
a life not as cruel
When i think of death
i think of being in a different place
where my soul knows the happiness within me
where i will love and never hurt
When i think of death
i believe that i will be gone
to a better place than here
that my soul will take me away
Cause in reality
i live two different lives
my soul
and this actual life
But when i die
i believe that i will be happy
that i will live a different life
than the actual one i live in...
:iconmyloveforyoueternity:MyLoveForYouEternity 5 12
Im not perfect
Im not perfect
i dont try to be
but when it came to you
i always thought of being perfect
I thought i was perfect to you
that i was everything to you
but it turned out
i meant nothing to you at all
Im not perfect
and i am not beauitful
but when it came to you
i believed i tried way to hard
I tried too hard to forgive you
i tried too hard to forget
and in the end
it left me with a miserable life
Im not perfect
and i dont plan to be
but i alway thought of it
each time i said i love you
Im sorry i wasnt good enough
im sorry i wasnt beautiful
and im sorry
that i wasnt perfect, like you wanted me to be
:iconmyloveforyoueternity:MyLoveForYouEternity 4 20
A demon child...
A demon child i was called
next to being nothing
in this so called world
No end to my misery
no end to the pain
for me
there is no hope left in this world
A horrible child i was called
left to nothing in my soul
a child that shouldnt be here
So depressed
crying every deadly tear
no more hope, not in this so called world
A demon child i was called
for me it meant nothing
as for one i am nothing to this world
No way to cope
No way for help
a demon child i am known as
Will finally disappear into the darknes....
:iconmyloveforyoueternity:MyLoveForYouEternity 4 3
Story of my life....
Look into my eyes
see the story within me
Look into my eyes
and see all the lies there are
Look into me
see all the pain deep down'
where my smile is crooked
and my eyes turning glassy
Look into my eyes
and see the tears about to fall
look at my smile
and see that it isnt real
A story of my life
of all the pain
of all the hurt
but look into my eyes, and see the tears falling
See the pain deep inside
the story of my life
but look into my eyes
and see that the real me is no longer there
As i fade away
just look at me
the girl you use to know
is not the same girl there is today
So look me into the eyes
and see the tears rolling down
Hold onto me tight
and tell me that it will get better....
:iconmyloveforyoueternity:MyLoveForYouEternity 4 15
He's Only A Memory
He use to be in my reach...
His smile is something I'll never forget.
I wish I could hold him tight...
But he's only a memory.
I wish he could take away all my pain...
All these tears away...
His warmth is what keeps me safe,
He's the one who could mend my wings.
Broken... dying inside...
Where is my hero?
He use to be in my reach...
His heart I can still hear beating.
I wish I could hold him tight...
But he's only a memory.
:iconunforgetablesoul:unforgetablesoul 8 4
Reflection of the Unknown
Her eyes stare back at me in disbelief
And she wonders why I have witnessed this defeat
The battle is lost, but the war has just begun
As we fight on different sides, when we are supposed to be one
Her movements match mine and her heart beats the same as me
But her life is totally different in places it should not be
We have the same name, same hair, same lies
And sometimes, we even wear the exact same disguise
The world sees her today, as she has won this fight
And I only hope I am seen later on in the night
I place my hand on the glass that separates us
And she does the same, as she knows  she must
I do not recognize her, but my own eyes stare back and see
Someone my brain identifies as the one known as "me"
:iconsingerofthenight:SingerOfTheNight 12 31
A mind sings Hope by AshLovely A mind sings Hope :iconashlovely:AshLovely 3 0
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