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Peel, itch - don't scratch.
The burn, the twitch.
The ink of beauty,
arrived beneath the surface
consume me endorphin rush.
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Rainbow Eyes
Breath - gasp.
Cold, warm, sweat - shivers.
Heart - pounds.
Sparkling distortions.
Loss of control - cognition.
Fear - gasp.
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30 Signs of a Toxic Friend
Please note that although I am studying Psychology, I am in on way a professional (yet). This list is based on personal experience and literature that I have studied in my free time. I noticed that not a whole lot of information is out there related to toxic friendships due to toxicity often being discussed for romantic relationships. So here is my list, which I may continue to add to in the future.
1. They don't stop when you ask them to.
Consent is not just for romantic relationships. Consent is for friendships too. If you ask them to stop invading your space, stop talking about a personal piece of information that you told them about, they do NOT respect you as much as they should.
2. They compliment you one day and criticize you another to keep you on your toes.
Healthy friendships are not supposed to be rocky. Just like any relationship, you may have your arguments, but if your friend is deliberately trying to mess with you constantly to keep you on an emotional roll
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I'm tired of living the lie
around you
while you cut the ones I love open
is just an echo
My mind aches
My bones are shaking
At this point I WANT to break
to end this game
end the madness
My mask hurts
it's filled with needles on the inside
I don't know what's worse
Your lie or mine
I'm not fine
My nightmares have me questioning
Everything I am
Everything I do
My inner self
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But what about my mask?
Trembling in my heart,
I waver.
Am I enough?
"You're more than enough."
Am I worthy?
"You're more than worthy."
I'm scared.
"I know you'll be okay."
I pull close into his warm embrace.
I'm afraid, so afraid that I put up walls, can you see me?
He says with his eyes, 'I can see you'.
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Lips of awe
Your hand glides to my face,
I feel a sweet surrender,
my hips tingle with laughter
as you press your lips into mine.
Your face beams as you gently say, "I love you",
the air I breathe is so warm
as you pull me in to kiss me again.
I felt your lips whisper "Forever" with its intentions.
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I miss my finger bones
Water stained eyelids,
twisted wrists, aching.
Tiny finger bones,
Tiny cornea scratches,
feet rooted to the earth.
Whispers wasted,
tastes like salt.
Weary rage filled expressions,
gazing into dusk.
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The mare meets me at night,
dancing on its pitch black hooves
asking me if I understand.
I wake to catch my breath
as it attempts to consume my lungs
with its gluttonous teeth.
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Nobody knew
Eyes shatter in the rising sun.
Dreams scatter, ceasing to matter.
The whispering blood in my heart
dies out.
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Violent Poetry
You cannot steal my breath
and suck me dry.
You cannot shatter my corneas
like fragile glass.
I'm a fucking soldier.
You cannot rip my lungs out
and stuff them inside my heart.
I've wrecked myself enough times
to know this pain.
You know nothing.
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My heart has split apart,
It started to burn.
This painful rage is real.
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Wicked lovely
The angel inside me has shed its wings,
But at least I'm not the devil.
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Tastes like blood
Tried to bite you,
But I bit my own tongue instead.
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I am here
She stains her confidence
into her skin
Her ink says to the world
I am here
No words can break her down anymore
No sword can rip her flesh
sewing the pieces back together
She looks into his eyes
and knows his game
She will play
and she will win
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Suffocated, degraded
I can't breathe
I seethe
I denied that you lied
I broke down when your crown
tumbled off your head
Suffocated, complicated
Broken bones, shattered stones
I feel so alone
When you're around
and I found
you lie, motherfucker, you lie
in my heart I can feel you die
You're so fake
it was my mistake
for believing you
Time stands still and I can see my breath
I'm not sure I can find any ounce of respect for you
My eyes look up and I count the stars
In my lungs I can feel my deep tissue scars
I can't look down
now that I see the light
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I wanted to be strong
but I smiled at you.
I fooled myself into thinking
that I was speaking to someone else.
I failed again.
I knew.
I knew.
I knew you were using your laughter
to pull me back in.
A wolf inside of a friend.
I'm like a wire that keeps bending into knots.
I keep having to bend myself back.
I keep bending myself into a cage
instead of building a set of wings.
I'm a mirror made of iridescent pieces.
Beautiful, but I cannot find my own reflection.
Where am I?
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