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Drawing Pages for Pages!~

Party Time Ustream!~ Check it out :D !~…

Sneakpeak of Party Time Chapter #2 intro page!~

Read Chapter #1 of Party Time here:…
After a few months the goal we worked to has been reached. Steps have been taken to the next upgrade for Pages Comics,
the goal to make our smallpress comics to the digital platform.

Now at this moment, the pagescomics website is born and ready to grow up!

Check it out:

At this moment the website is in the Dutch language, but dont worry it will be translated to English.

The next big goal is to translate "" to the English language, to be global, so readers world wide can enjoy
the entertainmant we offer to you.

Now the first few chapters and stories are free to read in the dutch language.
For a sneak peak check it out

Like us on facebook for the newest updates:……

For info:

Thanks for reading! And dont forget to do the Monkey-dance!~
Have a nice day!

Pages Comics Update - Journal 1

YoOo~~ Readers!!~~

Some information about Pages Comics.
This group is made for Pages-Comics.

A group of individuals making independent comics.
The Collection of our Comics are called "Pages Comics"
There are short stories, serie and gag type's.

We have made it to the 3rd edition so far.
Since we live in the Netherlands, the comics are in the dutch language.
But dont worry, soon it will be translated, so people across the
globe can enjoy.

We have just finished Pages Comics edition the 3rd and
im happy with the results it brought.

Trough the whole progress on this Adventure allot has been learned, and still is.
In this group you can dump fanarts and some other arts, Pages Covers, previews and that kinda stuff.

Also there is something else that you need to know. Its about this thing. This website. A website still in progress. That will be Awesome.

Soon Mate, very soon............

...So Yeah!

Sit back, Relax & Stay Tuned for more!


Thanks for reading! >:D


-Mr. Ape

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