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Where were you?

"Where were you when I was young?"

Painted this last spring, but it was on display in the Illustration Department this fall. I got it back a few weeks ago and thought i would finally scan it and throw it up here for lack of any new pieces.

This is a scene from the Last Unicorn, the novel by Peter S. Beagle. It has nothing to do with the film, or animated representation of the characters. The painting was supposed to represent a "late arrival" and i thought it fit well with this scene and particularly Molly's speech.

I'm also a big fan of unicorns, and the virgin/unicorn allegory's so when i get a chance, i like to make them subjects of my work.

Any comments about this not looking like the film will be ignored or deleted if they are particularly bothersome.

I'm not sure how i feel about open acrylics, i never used them again after this project.
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Oh my god you did this moment in a painting. It's my favorite moment in that movie, and that is my favorite movie from childhood. Thank you!!
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This picture in association with the quote literally ripped my heart to pieces
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I think this is perfect, I need to read the book. Beautiful artwork
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This is my absolute favorite part of the book/movie. I really relate to Molly Grue. "How dare... how DARE you come to me now? When I'm THIS??" It really strikes me hard, as someone who feels like a monster, when I used to be pretty, kind, young. Just that anguish for the time that had been wasted, only to come to her when she's broken down and used up.

I know this feeling all too well.
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I feel the same way
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This is sooo good and i love the title!
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Some months ago I saw this movie on YouTube, The Last Unicorn. Oh! I love it! I love this picture!
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I love how the scenery is brought forward, really tells a lot of the story. The hue you used is right on your theme.
Favorite is the whole character, esp. posture of the unicorn. Also I love how you brought Molly to life. Thank you for sharing you work.
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That scene always makes me very emotional. There are some very powerful passages in that book. I return to it again and again. I love your illustration. You really captured the character.
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Molly is an amazing character, in a single moment she was boldly taking up the role of every reader who is slowly becoming more and more disillusioned by the ebbing hope that magic will finally show itself to be true...

You captured her anguish well.
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My gaw. I found you by your dinosaur with a pearl earring, and then your "more from" box led me here. YAY ANOTHER FAN OF TLU. :)
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ooohhh.... I own that movie! It's EPIC, is it not? Very nicely doe! I love the background and shading! :love:
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This was one of the many reason I loved Molly's character--from both the book and the movie. I felt the movie did it rather well, though.
i am from germany and i am building a german homepage about unicorns,
it will be a non comercial website, with storys, poems, meditations and more.
i am searching unicron artwork, which i can use on my site.

can i use your unicorn artwork?
i will mention you with name on the site, with a link to your site here.
you can send me a e-mail to:
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Yes, that is fine
For credit, please use my website @ [link]
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I really love your take on this scene, it captures Molly's sense of bitterness and dejection so well. The color scheme is perfect for it too, it's beautifully dreary and goes so well with the foreboding landscape. Amazingly done.
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It's beautiful. Really, what a masterpiece! Kudos!
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sorry for the double post :blush:
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All I can say is.... I love this.
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Such a sad yet delicate scene.
I love how the Unicorn looks almost confused at Molly.

I definitely like the interpretation from the book you used, not the film.
it makes it feel more... personal? So much more realistic for me, anyhow.

Beautiful work :)
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This is amazing! :heart:
I love it!
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