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September 10, 2009
~pageboy quotes "Let there be robot dinosaurs in our next assignment."...and behold--there was. Then Vermeer was Devoured is truly a magnificent homage to one of the greats.
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Then Vermeer was Devoured

And Zach said "Let there be robot dinosaurs in our next assignment."

And thus, this abomination was born.

I've never painted or drawn a dinosaur before, so this was interesting.

Gouache. 21.5 x 19 cm.

[Edit 9/12/09] I was so surprised and honored when I found out this had been chosen for a DD! Sorry I can't thank each and every one of you for your comments, but I've enjoyed reading most of them (it will take me a while....) It's really great to see everyone's reactions to the subject matter. I would have never guessed dinosaurs and classical painting to be so popular!

Thank you!
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Gallegos29's avatar
love it! haha 
skysoul25's avatar
behind these dino eyes! perfect!!
BlackVulmea's avatar
Clever Girl with a Pearl Earring
AntigoneBlack's avatar
La la la la  Exactly what I was thinking! lawl
mvxe's avatar
Spoke to my soul in a language I didn't understand but I was moved to tears nonetheless. 
ceciosorio's avatar
I love this in every way possible. :o)
Ayrael's avatar
hahahaha. Love it
STARSmedic's avatar
this is sick! I wish i thought of this. and you know, had the talent.
peachykeen43's avatar
this is powerful art 
AnnaRDunster's avatar
cococolors's avatar
AccurateJack's avatar
I absolutely love this!
RobertoBonelli's avatar
Looks like a movie star!
Food-and-art's avatar
She's so beautiful. It's looking lovely
pixiee21's avatar
flower-angel's avatar
Hahahahaha what the you made this maid a Dinosaur!!!!
the-art-junky's avatar
DD, still girl with the pearl ear ring painted as a raptor borg is pretty funny.
jackolanternship's avatar
Nice commentary on how traditional art is being slaughtered by a wave of technologically-enhanced blandness.
ClaudeSummer's avatar
Haha! so funny and Impressive Clap 
SteveOdinson's avatar
Super sexy girl.
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