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Group Information - READ BEFORE JOINING

:bulletpurple: All Pagans and those interested in Paganism are welcome.
:bulletpurple: If you wish to join this group, please select "Members" as you do so. When you click on a rank to join our group, you are applying to join that rank.
:bulletpurple: Requests to join as part of "Members" are automatically approved by the system. Applications to join higher ranks must be approved by group admins.
:bulletpurple: Art submissions, on the other hand, are subject to a vote by the admins.
:bulletpurple: Posts that are solely advertisements for projects are not allowed.

:bulletpurple: Be respectful to one another. We do not condone hate, prejudice or disrespect in any form. This includes expressions of hate in art.

As a refresher here's the definition of paganism: "a religion that has many gods or goddesses, considers the earth holy".

Paganism is a very broad, wide, umbrella. I will not google your submissions so I can figure out HOW it fits in at our group. Be clear in either the title of your work or description: such as Norse God Odin, Slavic Mythological Creature Alkonost. Divination Ogham Cards, Ostara Altar, Leather Pouch with Norse God Thor's hammer Mjollnir, etc. Remember because there is such a varying knowledge base I can guarantee someone is learning about new deities and new traditions all the time in this group. I personally think it's neat when someone submits art for a God I've near heard of before! I love to learn, and many others in the group would value that too. ^_^ All submissions should be CLEAR in their title and/or description on HOW they are representative of actual pagan religious practices and lifestyle. If the admins have any doubt your piece will be rejected.

:bulletpurple: The focus of all artwork submitted to this group must remain within the scope of real-world Paganism. We will not accept work that does not contain elements of Paganism, or if the focus of which is overshadowed by irrelevant subjects.
:bulletpurple: PaganArts is not a group for fantasy artwork. The magick we weave is real. So send us Thor and Loki, but Marvel's Comic Book Characters Thor and Loki do not belong.
:bulletpurple: Art with mature content must have Mature Content tags. We won't accept it without them.
:bulletpurple: Submit artwork to their proper folders. Misplaced submissions will be rejected! Review all your options before you make a decision! See our folder directory below.
:bulletpurple: Please do not submit artwork to our Favorites or Featured section.
:bulletpurple: There is a two submission per day limit for every folder.
:bulletpurple: Direct submissions to the Featured folder are not allowed. In fact that folder is now dead.
:bulletpurple: All posts related to the monotheistic Abrahamic traditions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) will be rejected as will posts related to various forms of Satanism.

Below is a complete directory of all our folders in this gallery. Here at PaganArts, we encourage our members to submit their art to folders based on subject matter over the type of medium used in its creation. For example, if you have an acrylic painting of Thor, we encourage you to submit it to Gods instead of Traditional Media. With this folder directory, there's no reason to misplace a submission.

:bulletpurple: FEATURED: This folder is currently dead.
:bulletpurple: TRADITIONAL MEDIA: Two-dimensional artwork done with tangible media, such as pencil sketches or acrylic paintings, that do not fit into any other folder. Traditional Media is not a catch-all folder. Do not dump all of your artwork here.
:bulletpurple: DIGITAL MEDIA: 2D or 3D artwork completed from scratch mostly using a computer or some other electronic means. This folder is reserved for digital media that does not fit into any other folder.
:bulletpurple: PHOTOMANIPULATION: Collages or photographs dramatically altered to appear different from the original snapshots. This folder is reserved for collages or photomanipulations that do not fit into any other folder.
:bulletpurple: PHOTOGRAPHY: Photographs taken with minimal enhancements. This folder is reserved for photographs that do not fit into any other folder.
:bulletpurple: CRAFTS: Tangible three-dimensional artwork or trinkets. Not for ritual tools, talismans, or any component in altar setups. If a depiction of a deity, submit to the GODS or GODDESS folder instead.
:bulletpurple: DIVINATION: Photography, artwork, or literature depicting runes, tarot, zodiac signs, or any other tools or methods used to contact the supernatural.
:bulletpurple: POETRY AND PROSE: Closed at this time. General literature of a Pagan nature. Not for posting spells, rituals, invocations, or correspondence charts.
:bulletpurple: SPELLS AND INVOCATIONS: Photographs, artwork, instructions, and recipes for prayers, chants, potions, tinctures, and other practical magick. Closed at this time.
:bulletpurple: FAERIE REALM: Artwork depicting the Fey folk.
:bulletpurple: ANIMAL TOTEMS AND SPIRIT GUIDES: Photographs, artwork, and literature depicting the animal kingdom and the spirit world. Anthropomorphic or "furry" animals are welcome here, as long as they're pagan. That being said, we must be able to clearly understand the pagan relevance, things that look like fictional characters will be rejected.
:bulletpurple: MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES: Artwork depicting all manner of legendary beasts.
:bulletpurple: GODS: Artwork depicting masculine deities. If you have artwork of multiple deities (males, or males & females) submit here.
:bulletpurple: GODDESSES: Artwork depicting feminine deities.
:bulletpurple: ALTARS AND SACRED SPACE: Photographs of your personal or group altars or the sacred space you use regularly for spells, rituals, or ceremonies.
:bulletpurple: RITUAL TOOLS: Photographs of the tools you use in spellwork, rituals, or ceremonies.
:bulletpurple: RITUALS: Photographs, artwork, and literature of ritual proceedings, or ritual instructions.
:bulletpurple: STAMPS AND OTHER MISCELLANEA: Miscellaneous artwork not fitting into any other category. Best reserved for Deviant Stamps to show off your Pagan pride!

Group Info

We're a Pagan friendly club looking to share and promote artwork with a Pagan theme.
Founded 10 Years ago
Feb 22, 2009


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2,174 Members
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Gallery Folders

Justitia by InaAuderieth
II The Priestess - Tarot Original by InaAuderieth
Hecate - Lisa Leblanc by Pernastudios
Wisdom Spell by Caiwen-Nallron
Traditional Media - NOT A CATCH-ALL
Ancient Egyptian afterlife by WisteriaVenler
Scorpio Full Moon by deerrose6
Yggdrasil, Tree of Life by Aphilien

Mature Content

 IGP7454a by DaMahl
Digital Media

Mature Content

CuChulainn and Ferdiad, At Ease by diddles25
King Fergus Mac Roich, Ireland's Hercules by diddles25
The Fire Woman by Beathyra
Dance of the Fire by Beathyra

Mature Content

Drawing down the Moon by DaMahl
The Left-Hand Path by Uruk1

Mature Content

Drawing Down the Moon by DaMahl

Mature Content

Beltaine by DaMahl
veneration of the fires by anseo1985
Maifeuer by Shijakjin
Karnak Hypostyle Hall by zdfalk
Blessing the Baboon Amulet by warboar
Coywolf Spirit Healing and Protection Pendant by DaybreaksDawn
White Wolf Lunar Spirit Healing Bracelet by DaybreaksDawn
The Two Trees by jessy25522
Group of pendulums by xanthnimby
Six of Cups / Sechs der Kelche Tarot by InaAuderieth
Seven of Disks / Sieben der Scheiben Tarot by InaAuderieth
Seven Of Disks Tarot Original by InaAuderieth
The Qliphot Dilemma by InaAuderieth
Spells and Invocations
Animal Talisman by The-Pagan-Gallery
Grimoire by GuldynSunnaluiht
Purifying Circle by DAZUMA
Faerie Realm
NECKSA POTAMIDE - The Orphic Egg by FrancisLugfran
Lake of Golden Tears by KatherynVolikos
The Gift by VladislavPANtic
Triptyque Feerique / Fairy Triptych by krukof2
Animal Totems and Spirit Guides
Jaguar Leather Mask by SilverCicada
Mythological Creatures
Stopan by EvelineaErato
Thrimskvida main characters by Hellanim
Hekate by AnnEnchanted
Altars and Sacred Space
The wheel of the year by katelok
Ritual Tools
The Time Holder by Shadow2Evil4Hell
Litha / Kupala 2019 - 3 by Shijakjin
Stamps and Other Miscellanea
Pentacle Stamp by Dawn-X


Ms. Gloria Doll by IdolRebel
Lunacy Of Love And The Serene Selene by locoland
Leptirica by DuszanB
Runes necklace by LuthienSecrets
Pagan Art on dA
Witches by Taurina
Star Wicca by jimmyogotico
wheel of the year mandala by morgandria
Winter Solstice by VisualModality
Deity Contest Entries
Merlyn Stamp by Sabattier
Odin by Sabattier
Morrighan's Flight by LadyCelticRose
Ode to Maat by Lochrann
Ritual Contest Entries
Esbat by pixie-stix-art
Ritual by pixie-stix-art
Saturn Black by JaniceDuke
The Summoning by HeathenHeart
ID Stamp Avatar mini-contest
Icon for PaganArts by RowanLewgalon
Pagan Arts Group avatar entry by Sabattier
Hello everyone.

Since this group was started a few years ago, over time both the owner and the other admins have slowly disappeared. The current moderators have limited availability. While we do keep up on the group, we're also a bit slow at times too.

To help streamline submissions, doing the following will GREATLY help us out, and thus help your submissions get processed faster. PLEASE read the below.


As a refresher here's the definition of paganism: "a religion that has many gods or goddesses, considers the earth holy". All posts related to the monotheistic Abrahamic traditions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) will be rejected. Posts relating to Satanism are also rejected. This group focuses on religions that have a multitude of deities, and were worshipped in the ancient past and are being revived, or in rare cases had an uninterrupted flow of religious practice through the present day.

Art is subjective, lots of people submit pictures of a pretty forest, but what does that pretty forest mean to you? This also applies to crafts, how is it an expression of PAGANISM versus your love of dressing up in fantasy clothes, or participating in the Society of Creative Anachronism? When I review submissions I want to know that the artist isn't just trying to get as many eyeballs on their work as possible, but that they thoughtfully considered how their piece fits our community. How does it represent your PAGAN religious practices? If we can't tell, odds are it will be rejected.

GOTHIC does NOT EQUAL PAGAN. Similarly, STEAMPUNK does not equal pagan. You depicted the Goddess Hel in a Gothic way? You wanted to make a steampunk style necklace of the Wiccan symbol? That's awesome. But sending us artwork that's just Gothic, or Steampunk in general, and not pagan specific will be rejected.

Pop cultural representations of deities, mythological creatures, etc. will be rejected, as there's so many other groups out there for that content. Please submit your Thor and Loki artwork, but leave Marvel's Thor and Loki out. Disney's Tinkerbell doesn't belong in our Faerie Realm. This also applies to fantasy books, games, etc. that's not to say that if you have an anime/manga drawing style that your original depiction of content would not be welcome. But this isn't a club for fanart. This distinction was made because we want to keep a clear delineation that paganism is a RELIGIOUS PRACTICE and LIFESTYLE, not just fans of a consumable entertainment media (tv, film, books, comics, games, etc.) having fun.

ALSO, as we have a range of ages following the group we will not accept any submission that features nudity UNLESS it has the mature content tag on the artwork. Failure to do so is an automatic rejection.


All submissions should be CLEAR in their title and/or description on HOW they are representative of actual pagan religious practices and lifestyle. If the admins have any doubt your piece will be rejected.

Paganism is a very broad, wide, umbrella. Don't make me google your submissions so I can figure out HOW it fits in at our group. Be clear in either the title of your work or description: such as Norse God Odin, Slavic Mythological Creature Alkonost. Divination Ogham Cards, Ostara Altar, Leather Pouch with Norse God Thor's hammer Mjollnir, etc. Just saying the 'name' of said entity or content isn't always helpful, especially for less well known traditions. Not to mention, because there is such a varying knowledge base I can guarantee someone is learning about new deities and new traditions all the time in this group. We enjoy when someone submits art for a deity we've near heard of before! We love to learn, and many others in the group would value that too.  ^_^

:bulletred: SUBMIT TO THE PROPER FOLDER:bulletred:

Please keep in mind that when you are submitting: the traditional media, digital media, photography, and photomanipulation should be your last resort. See if the subject matter of your submission is a better fit elsewhere first. Do you have a traditional media charcoal sketch of the Goddess Athena? Great, submit it to the Goddesses folder instead.  We know this is almost counter to how many other groups have their folders organized here on DeviantArt.

GODS FOLDER & GODDESSES FOLDER: if your submission features more than one deity and you have both male AND female deities represented, then please submit to the GODS folder. If you have a craft depicting a GODDESSES (maybe you made a statue of the Goddess Morrigan) we'd recommend that you submit that to the GODDESSES folder, before the CRAFTS folder.


Remember, the front page of the group does have very clear descriptions of EACH folder, take the time to read them.

:bulletred: TEXTUAL SUBMISSIONS:bulletred:

We're sad to say that with limited availability approving textual submissions takes far more time than we have. For that reason we can no longer approve submissions in the POETRY AND PROSE folder. Entries to that folder will be an automatic rejection.

For the SPELLS AND INVOCATIONS folder, as well as any textual submissions to the RITUALS folder we will try as time and availability permits to review those submissions.

:bulletred: TIMED OUT SUBMISSIONS:bulletred:

Sometimes it can be several days, or even a couple of weeks before we have a chance to get online and check all of the group's pending submissions. If an item times out, but we can clearly tell it's Pagan connection we'll send a message to the artist requesting approval to add it to our group. Please don't keep re-submitting artworks. It just bogs down the process.

On the front page of the group, there's information about the weekly top four nomination information, and membership spotlights. This is one of the aspects of the group that is officially dead.

:bulletred: IN CONCLUSION:bulletred:

Sorry that was so long winded, but we were trying to be as clear as possible, so that we can collectively help streamline the process a bit so I can get through the review of submissions faster, and everyone else understands what things slow it down, or may not be a perfect fit here. As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details.
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VikingWidunder Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've recently been declined a deviations because you told me you can't see it supposadly because I've blocked the administrator. I thought that was weird so I've made you the reply and a message came up that I can't reply to you because the administrator of this group blocked me, so there's your answer, I've been blocked from this group for some reason so I'm leaving it. Thank you.
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Something horrible happened, and it relates both to paganism and women's rights: Recently, Wikipedia has saw fit to delete several pages relating to Scythian religion. The most notable casualties of this spiteful decision are Tabiti, which stands as the matriarch of the Scythian pantheon and its actual head according to Herodotus’ Histories, and Argimpasa, a rather iconic figure in the discussion of the matriarchal aspects of Scythian society.

The world’s leading encyclopaedia can afford to have articles about anal sex but not about important mythological female figures. And all because of spite.

The de facto reason for this deletion is a rather complex conflict between Wikipedia as a whole and me, and is particularly rooted on a logical fallacy: everything a certain user writes must be wrong by default. Such is the statement lead by user Krakkos and its possible sockpuppet 1|2|3k:……

This particular user has been noted as paranoid and unstable by other administrators:……

This wreck of a person is allowed to edit Wikipedia, and destroy female representation on a whim, out of spite, out of paranoia, out of lack of concern representation has as a concept.

Wikipedia’s standards do definitely need to change, to put it absolutely as mildly as humanely possible.


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