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Thorns and Roses by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer Thorns and Roses :iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 1 0 Thank You Tomoe by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer Thank You Tomoe :iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 3 0 Treasure from the Deep by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer Treasure from the Deep :iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 0 0 The Ones I Hold Most Dear by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer The Ones I Hold Most Dear :iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 3 0
A Life of a Puppet
A life that is already planned,
A person always pulling on my body and hand,
Telling me which way to go,
As if I have no brain to think on my own.
Like a puppeteer pulling on a puppet’s strings,
Chaining me down and holding my wings.
I hate the fact that it’s all planned,
Don’t care if I already own a place and land.
I never asked to be put in this place.
I’d be happier left to find my way in a maze.
Quit pulling on my strings,
You do not control me.
I am not your doll
And never was.
So leave me alone.
I will live a life as I wish it to be,
Not one that was forced upon me.
I’m breaking these strings,
And spreading my wings.
I am leaving to night,
Before the sky turns light.
Before people can see
And stop me from being what I want to be.
This puppet will be controlled no longer,
So give up cause it’s not worth the bother.
I will do as I wish
So you better learn to deal with it.
Hope you’ve enjoyed controlling my life
But now you’ve come to
:iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 5 5
Fenrir by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer Fenrir :iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 0 0 The Story of Us by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer The Story of Us :iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 1 0
Goodnight Laddy!
Don't be afraid
Come laddy and lay
You are safe here
You no need to fear.
I’ll be right here by your side,
By day and by night.
Till every pasting second of light,
Till you have a clear sight,
Of what you want in life.
Till you want nor need me no more
Then I’ll leave through the door.
Rarely to see you anymore!
But if you’ll need me just call
Though I’ll be gone!
I will not be far
I’ll be here to lend a hand,
Until once again, you can stand!
So no worries and no fears!
For I am right here!
So lay down and rest
You’ll feel better soon!
But for now! The Goddess Moon
Will protect you!
So goodnight laddy
And blessed be.
:iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 2 0
This Chapter is Done
What do you do?
When the one you love does not love you.
When the one you long for,
Wants you no more?
When he just sees you as a friend
But when you touch his hand,
you feel that spark,
That you did when you loved.
You tell yourself you'll move on,
That you'll be better before long.
That just being friends,
After what you had
Won't cause you pain
Nor drive you insane.
You wonder this every night,
Since that day your heart felt that bit.
Not being left to move on,
You are left with the questions;
What do you do?
Then feeling so blue
You wonder How
And What now?
And then hopefully
And finally
You'll move on.
This chapter is done.
:iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 3 0
The Yew Tree by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer The Yew Tree :iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 2 4 Make the First Move by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer Make the First Move :iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 0 2 It's Over Now by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer It's Over Now :iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 3 0 (Click Me)Never Turn you Back on a Pissed off Girl by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer (Click Me)Never Turn you Back on a Pissed off Girl :iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 4 0 Elfen Lied Horns by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer Elfen Lied Horns :iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 0 6 Hypno Fan aka Beetlejuice Fan by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer Hypno Fan aka Beetlejuice Fan :iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 0 2 Long Hair and Happy by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer Long Hair and Happy :iconpagan-moon-dreamer:Pagan-Moon-Dreamer 0 8


Stop Being a Bl**dy Hypocrites

Sun Aug 11, 2013, 5:05 AM
  • Listening to: Love Me Dead"+"Me Agaisnt the World
  • Reading: Starcrossed bk 1
  • Watching: Beautiful Creatures
  • Eating: Noodles
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So I'm watching "Beautiful Creature" and there's a Christian Bitch going on saying that "all Terrorists, Atheist, Homosexuals, Democrats, Liberals, Socialist, Green people and all other Unnatural Abomination will go to hell."

OK! 1 green people can't be more natural cause that believes in Nature and helping her. So that alone has an invalid conclusion. And for the rest of us you know Atheist, Homosexuals, Democrats, Liberals, Socialist and yes Green people too, well I don't think hell is Big enough, you know since in this day and age there is a lot of Atheist alone, let alone added to the rest of people this Lady is attacking. And also many people that are scientist are Atheists. So lady "go back to the time without technology" because it's thanks to many Atheists that there is so much technology today. "And honey you are using what they have made" just to make coffee in the morning, let it be a coffee machine or a cooker so what does that make you and your kind. Hypocrites that's what. Let alone to get from one place to another. Also Atheist have made medical things that work from healing a body to making it look younger aka by using make-up. So please just shut up. (Oh and don't get me wrong, I'm just proving that most Scientists are Atheists and we need them)

Also people like this Lady, just think about swimming or going by a wooden open ship from 1 place to another cause you don't have a plan to fly, and image if the weather changes on the way aka becoming bad weather. I think the sea life would just love that don't you? ^^
"Hey Mama, look the dumb ass land walkers have just left us another grand jester of food, let's go dig in" "Ok honey but let's get the rest of the family to join in too." "Great Idea Mum"
Should I continue?

Same goes about Democrats, Liberals, Socialist and the other, the world is a better place thanks to most of them.

Also by us, no way are the "Terrorists" include in "us nor we". We have nothing to do with them.

And may I say "I'm hurt" she forgot to add Pagans to her list.
Sorry but I'll stand by my kind and the ones who accept us.
Other whys people like this B*t*h "Fuck You" and learn to mind you own F**ken business. Oh and get a life.

Hope you all have a swell day now


Pagan-Moon-Dreamer's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I love the Moon and hate the Sun.

Shadows is so much better for me, I'm a Pagan which means I have many Gods and Goddesses. My most prayed to Gods are Ares and Loki, and Goddess Artimes.

My style is a mix between Goth and Lolita.

My Zodiacs are (Chinese)dog, (Star)fish, (Native American)wolf, (Celtic)snake and (Egyptian)beetle.

I love animals. I'm a poet and story writer, a painter and drawer, but I don't do my stories on d DA. And that's me.

Jumping Head First by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer

Some might say that I have a mind of an Adventurer
Some might say that I’m mad or an idiot
But you know what I say I don’t give a damn.
After all the grass is always greener on the other side.

He who lives with-out Honour by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer When given two choices, always choose the hardest by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer You Know That I'm a Crazy Bitch by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer No one could know, what a day may bring by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer Ragnarock by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer Banning over Different Opinions by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer How can you? by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer I Will Not Pretend by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer The Secret to Happiness with Men by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer Dreams and Honour by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer Rules by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer Lydia calling Beetlejuice Stp by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer

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Current Residence: Malta
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Nightmare Before Christmas
Favourite style of art: Painting, Fantasy and Female
Operating System: Window 7
MP3 player of choice: MP4
Shell of choice: emo
Wallpaper of choice: gothic
Skin of choice: gothic
Favourite cartoon character: Mew Two
Personal Quote: Rules there should be a law agaisnt them


Thorns and Roses
So in dedication to the last episode of season 1 of "the Ancient Magus' Bride" I give you this candle holder. Was cheat and didn't look like much at first. But a little Magick, Love and Art can go a long way. :)
Thank You Tomoe
So based on the series Kamisama Kiss. Also inspired by a friend and the only guy that has ever inspired me enough to do more than 2 paintings.

I remember when I made a card for that friend I almost caught my bed on fire. lol
And in a way, since Tomoe likes using fox fire, thought burning the quotes would be a nice touch for both those reasons. Now if only I could get them to stay on the painting.  Also really wanted to do this cause I've been wanting to do a Japanese based painting like the ones they did in the past of the loves on the scrolls, the man looking down at the woman, lovingly with writing on the side of them. And once more I'm glad I managed to finish it by today. 14/2/2018.

I love how Nanami, goes back in time and gets him to fall for her not Yukigi. Though if you think about it, not sure how that was suppose to work out since Yukigi hates yowkie (not sure if spelled that right). I wonder if I had the choice to change the past, what I would I do. He he


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