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Hi to all readers, quick update

We will be vacinated Friday the 23th of April for the first time with AstraZeneca, second shot will be in June, we are so happy.

Vacination rate is now here in the Netherworld is over the 100.000 per day, or more precise every 0,4 second 1 vacination!

Hope that they can hold on to this speed (depending delivery) , then in the summer everybody could have at least one shot.

About 22,7 % is vacinated now.

greetz len.

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Just another day and the Easter weekend is over, its strange in this Covid time, overhere in the Netherworld, only 1 visitor allowed sper household, so we spend the day together and went to the supermarket because weather was to lousy to go to the nearby forest.

Tomorrow even worse, wind force 7 and around 5 degrees celcius, but luckely the local thrift shop is open with appointment only, but we managed to book one hour for both of us.

So that makes our day less gloomy ! there is always something new (secondhand) , last Friday found an Carl Zeiss F2,8 50mm Tessar lens with an Exakta bayonet in mint condition for 3,50.

Must have an Fuji X > Exakta adapater/converter somewhere, will start looking tomorrow in order to mount it on the Fuji.

Further we have been bussy trying to find a hotel room in or around the city of Nijmegen for 4 & 5 July 2022, since the Rammstein tour for 2021 is now cancelled, and new dates were given for 2022, so we were 2 days late and prices for room went up till over 300 a night.

We finally found a bed & breakfast at 20 km distance for 180 for 2 nights, since all rooms within 20km's were booked, but better paying 180 then driving vice versa 280 km on a day.

Further Glastonburry, Pinkpop, Wrechter, are already rescheduled to 2022 as well.

For the time being,

-Castlefest stand for 4 till 8 August 2021,

-Mera Luna 7 & 8 August, and

-Lowlands for 20 till 22 August 2021.

We got the tickets, so lets hope they will take place after all the cancelations of concerts and festivals in 2020 and 2021.

Line-up Castlefest>

Mera Luna is rescheduled from 2020, and is now in the same weekend as Castlefest, and not the weekend after castlefest, so we decided for Castlefest and cancelled booking for Mera Luna.

Line-up Lowlands>

Have a nice weekend, greetz len.

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Hi to all,

Little has changed in the netherworld, apart from lifting partly the lock down from non essential shops.

Last 2 weeks the non essential shops could reopen under strict rules, masks at all times, only 1 visitor per 25 square meters, and only after making an appointment, depending on the shop for 30 minutes at set times by the shop.

From the 3 communale thrift shops in our village, one is gone (bankrupt), second one is to small to walk so only 4 people per 30 minutes are allowed.

The third one with 2500 square meters surface, allowed 50 people max per hour for the duration of 1 hour after appointment, so we booked every day for us two from 14.00 till 15.00 !

Wed booked in advance every day for the coming week, including sunday.

It was closed today, so we been acting as couch potatoes, only difference is that we didn't watch television all day, but were reading and listening to icelandic music !

Why ? just before turning of the news on television this morning we saw the lava streams in iceland, it was relaxing and beautifull to see, so when we turned it of i started looking for the cd's lp's of the icelandic groups we have (apart of Bjork).

Which are relaxing in a nice way, just like the icelandic landscape, so is their soundscape !

now while writing this jounal still listening to them.

Arstidir = Seasons Ljóð í sand = poetry in the sand (live)

and daya and nights (live)

Sigur Ros with olsen olsen (live)


have a nice beginning of the week, greetz len.

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Hi to all journal readers,

It has been nearly a year i haven't been active on DA, 2020 what a year !

Long story short

First being sick with covid in march/ april and after 8 months still not in optima forma with remaining complaints as fatique , have to sleep at least one hour at the end of every afternoon in order to have some joy & awakeness during the evening.

Other item is headaches and that my memory is not what it was.

As a result of the corona pandemie aviation booking dropped dramatically, and in may/juni out dutch national airline for whom i worked anounched that the workforce had to be cut accordingly, estimated at that time around 5000.

They came with a voluntary severance scheme, in the hope that enough people would go voluntary, to avoid unvoluntary resignation of personell.

The severance pay for the voluntary scheme would be depending on the number of years worked with the national carrier, with a maximum of 18 months of salary including all extra's.

For people older then 62 and 4 months could take advantage of an early retirement,starting Januarie 2021, this means on average 4 years earlier that 67, which is the dutch pensioen age.

This means 4 years less build up of the pensioen fund, and using the money already build up 4 years earlier, which would mean for me a reduction of around 25% salary(retirement pay).

Since at the same time it was anounced that all the rest of the personell that could stay, had to accept a pay cut of 20% during first 4 years, so with the difference of 5% i chose for voluntary severance scheme, with the option of retirement per 1 january 2021.

The latter was granted, so i was one of the 2500 that left the company voluntary.

Since i had around 106 days of holiday left, it was determined that after signing for the scheme i could stay home and receiving my salary as usual till the end of 2020.

So i cleaned out my desk in july, transferred the dossier that were on my name to college's who stayed, the a lot of things had to be changed like social security payments and other insurrances that ran through the company and had to be put on my name.

Same for my telephoon and bills which were payed for by the company, for the computer/laptop i returned them to the company.

So the second half of 2020 i was bussy making all the arrangements, for above, and informing all institutions local & goverment income tax, that i would be in retirement fromJanuary 2021.

In November my eldest son was layed of, since the tourist industry had taken a bad beating and one after the other was on the brink of bankruptcy, but just a time his wive was pregnant of the second child.

In December our youngest son heard that his function in the audio/ television/ computer branch in the retail company was discontinued and made redundant, luckely he found another job in the company within a month.

So 2020 was a year of turmoil in our small family, with 2 lockdowns overshadowing everything.

lets all hope that with the corona vaccines rolling out that life as we knew it, will come back slowley around the summer in 2021.

The festivals & concert we had booked for in the first half of the year are already cancelling everything.

So let us all hope for the best, and try to avoid a third wave of the coronavirus.

greetings & blessed be to everyone, Len.

PS. since all non essential shops, and bars and restaurants are closed since december, we only go outdoors for the groceries, and the rest of the time is occupied by reading books, listenming to music, television.

Since i had my new laptop also reading reviews on music , audio and photography in general.

Because all shops are closed, you cannot go anywhere to listen, trie it out before buying.

Due to multiple reviews i purchased 2 Chinese lenses for the Fuji X online by means of Amazone.

I can reveal that both are gems !

Will upload some foto the coming week, and make a journal about them.

they are...........

TTartisan 50mm F1,2

Pergear 35mm F1,6

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Castlefest 2020
Dear visitors, exhibitors, acts, volunteers, caterers and suppliers,

2020 has been a special year so far. The world now works differently than it did last year, which poses challenges and demands adaptability. We have looked at and considered all options for a possible move in the past few days. Since there is a good chance that the situation in September will still make big events impossible, we decided that moving Castlefest is not a viable and safe alternative.

This means that the next edition of Castlefest will be August 5-8, 2021. The dates for the Castlefest Winter Edition remain, but at this time we cannot say with certainty whether this event will continue.

We hope to have more clarity on this in August.

After nearly a year of hard work on what should be a fantastic 16th edition of Castlefest, this news is hitting our team. But not only for us, for everyone in the event industry, from organizer to entertainer, from caterer to supplier, from band to exhibitor, this is a hard blow.

Not only are we seeing great events disappear, the survival of all these involved parties is also becoming very uncertain.

In the past few weeks we have felt a lot of love from our community: messages, donations and reactions that have given us a heart, but also new initiatives to help and support each other. As a result, we feel more than ever that our events should not disappear and we will do everything we can to welcome you again at Castlefest next year.

We understand that this new situation raises many questions. We have been busy arranging as much as possible. We hope to be able to provide you with information in all areas as soon as possible, but also for your patience should this take a little longer in some cases.

Several visitors have indicated that they want to donate the already paid ticket amount to us. We experience this as a grand and moving gesture that also helps us to look a little more confidently at the future.

As with Keltfest, we will provide an opportunity for this.

Dear visitors who have already purchased a Castlefest 2020 ticket: your tickets will of course remain valid for next year's edition. You will receive an email from us at the end of next week about the handling and options for purchased tickets at the email address with which you ordered them. We will search for a suitable solution with everyone.

If you have the opportunity and would like to support us in other ways, this is also possible. At the moment, the future of Vana Events is very uncertain due to the current situation.

Support helps us survive so that we can continue to realize our events in the future.

You can support us monthly with a small amount through Patreon:

There are unique rewards for this and on our Patreon page we also publish exclusive content to include our community in the Vana Events feeling outside of the festivals.

In addition, we have set up a special donation website: Or you can help us by purchasing merchandise from Keltfest and Castlefest through our merchandise shop:

Let's work together to make fantasy a reality.

Dear exhibitors, caterers, suppliers, volunteers, entertainers and bands: we will also contact you today.

We think of all of you and hope to embrace you again in better times.

The Vana Events Team
Annelies, Caro, Erik, Esther, Femke, Franca, Frank, Kaylee, Koen, Lena, Mark, Mark, Marnix, Natasja, Pieter, Ricky, Robert and Stef
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