Haven't written anything for almost a year now.

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In the coming weeks we will be very busy if weather permits , so it can happen i will not be able to upload or answer directly , or say thanks for the fav's !

Next long weekend from 3 till 6 August we will be going to Castlefest in Lisse for 4 days.

Will upload some photo's in the week after Castlefest.

The weekend from 12 till 13 August we have planned to go too Mera Luna in Hildesheim Germany.


After this weekend depending on weather and most important the temperature and if it rains or not perhaps we stays in Germany for a small holiday.

If there is no forecast for rain the week after in Holland we will go back home, since we also have to do some exterior painting on the house, and have some work on the roof to do, we have some leakage due to the storm we had.

Iff so after the paintwork /roof work, we let us guide by the temperatures in Europe at that moment, to have a small holiday which can be in Holland, Belgium, or the north of France (where we haven't been since 2019 due too Corona).

greetings Len.

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Have a good time at Castlefest. We won't be there this year. That weekend we will be on our journey back from Normandie.