Castlefest 2021 cancelled

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Holland had just relaxed the corona restrictions a few weeks ago, but due to the rise of the number of registered corona infections in the last days, new restrictions have been anounced by our goverment this evening.

Among these restrictions that more days events like Castlefest 2021 has to be cancelled.

From Castlefest Vana Events Team :

"Dear all,

The Dutch government has given a press conference this evening, where they announced that events with over 1000 visitors can’t take place anymore.

This news hits us like a bomb. Until yesterday afternoon we we working on Castlefest 2021 full of confidence, passion and enthusiasm.

This enthusiasm has turned into defeat and disbelief and we feel broken.

That we cannot have a Castlefest for a second year now hurts us unbelievably.

Not only us, but everyone involved: exhibitors, acts, suppliers, caterers, volunteers and of course you, our visitors.

No matter how much we miss you all, and how hard these words are: the next edition of Castlefest will take place August 4th till 7th 2022.

We will make every effort to solve this in the best possible way, like we’ve done before. We will come with more information regarding to bought tickets no later than the end of next week.

Until then we ask you to give us time to sort this all out and also to keep questions you undoubtably have for a little while longer.

We miss you. Lots of love, The Vana Events Team"

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Hello Len!

I read a news that Holland is again in the red zone, because the cases of covid increase.

I'm so very sorry you will not have Castlefest, because I know how much love it. Wish you all the best.

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Sorry to hear that as you will not be able to enjoy... we do not have any events here either....:hug:

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here it was opend for events, and you could go with a negative test not older then 24 hours, or that you have been vacinated twice !

(so for a four day event like castlefest, you have to be tested every 24 hours, if not vacinated or only once, very strict!)

Now 2 and a half week later, goverment comes with additional orders at the friday evening that events can take place, but additional orders are that events during more then 24 hours are not allowed, and events of 1 day, with more then 1000 people are not allowed.

30 organisations who had planned events in the coming months with the first orders and building podia's for music, catering company's, atracting artists, standholders were given this notice friday evening, that the order wil begin the day after at saturday morning !

several 2 day events would start on that saturay, and had to stay closed, and had to be broken down.

These 30 event organisations wil go to court on friday, to have the second order from the prime minister cancelled, many will go bankrupt.

the reason for the second orders are the sudden rise in infections, at discotheks and night clubs (confined spaces). not events in open air !

This due to the fact that the QR codes were not checked against the ID and they let every body in with a code, many were copied codes that would have been noticed if checked against the ID's !!

So copying of the codes by the young ones , and discothek/nightclub personel not adhering to the protocol checking date and personal data against ID are the reason.

we will see what the court says.

the discotheks and nightclub at fault are closed down.

greetz len.

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It's sad to hear that Castlefest has been cancelled. My heart goes out to Mark and his great Vana-crew.

But the rise of the infections is also caused by the request of the government to be tested before entering events. People who don't have any signes of being infected do the test and seems to be infected with covid. Therefore ther is a rise in the infected people. All because the government in first instance said you only need to test if you have signs of a possible covid infection, but now you need to test if you want to go to an event.

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Hi Joep,

The fact that everyone has to be tested before entering an event/festival, is that extensive study's revealed already in the end of 2020 showed that between 20 and 40% of the spreaders of covid 19 are pre- or asymptomatic , which means that there are no signs although they are infected, but not feeling sick yet !

Therefor you cannot say there is a rice in the infected, they are already infected and spreading the virus but with no symptoms, the symptoms only appear when the body starts fighting the virus, this can be between 2 and 14 days after initial infection.

So the test will not only show postive for those that have symptoms, it wil make visible those people who are pre- or asymptomatic stadium and are spreaders as well, before it becomes visible.

I was getting sick only after 9 days after initial infection, when my immune system started attacking the virus which causes fever up to 39+.

In those 9 days i have infected other people, not knowing i was infected.

Thats why everybody has to be tested,

greetz len.

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Damn... sorry to hear. It looks awesome!

pagan-live-style's avatar

Thanks , hope next year will be better!

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