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Dutchy and Mimi

Found older photo of Dutchy the Main coon & Mimi his girlfriend, on an external hard drive

Dutchy weighing 11,7 kg, and Mimi about 4 kg.

(They both rest in peace).

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Sep 11, 2021, 11:40:04 PM
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oh what beautiful little kitties

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Durchy the Main Coon, and Mimi was like his shadow !

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Oh Wow thank you for sharing Len, this is an amazing feline portrait! Ils sont trop mignons! Il ne manque que le ronronnement 😉

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Mimi suivait Dutchy partout, elle était son ombre. quand il s'endormit, elle attendit qu'il se couche bien, puis s'allongea à côté.

Close encounter of cats
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Wow, the size!!! :wow: :faint: His head is the size of two of hers!

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He was about 3 times her weight, and also in size. she was the little shadow that followed him everywere.

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These coons really are super fluffy!! :heart:

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Dog like gentle giants for humans !

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They are just lovely dear Len...:clap:

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Thanks Teresa, need 3 hands , one is for carresing the cat (Putty) , one for the mouse. and one for typing.

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A picture full of harmony ... :nod:

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Sure is , they were always together !

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