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Chinese tube amp by Chinese lens at F0,95 aperture

Chinese Cayin tube amplifier taken by Chinese 35mm 7artisans lens at full lens opening, F 0,95 !

7artisans 35mm F0,95 lens :…

Both have in common they excell in their price classe.

greetz len
Image details
Image size
6000x4000px 2.78 MB
Shutter Speed
1/35 second
Focal Length
50 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Mar 21, 2021, 11:03:42 AM
Sensor Size
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Ein Röhrenverstärker so cool! Wir haben auch einen...

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Diesen, schon in die Jahre gekommen mit russischen Röhren , aber einfach cool.

Die Röhren haben wir inzwischen 2 Mal ausgewechselt.

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Sehr schöner cayin !!!! ,

meins hat noch die Originalröhren (KT88), aber es wird hier fast immer in Triode gespielt.

Die Lautsprecher, die ich benutze, haben alle einen Wirkungsgrad von über 91 dB bei 1 Watt Leistung, so 2 x 18 Watt in Triode ist mehr als genug (ultralinear 2 x 55watt).

Lautsprecher (wechseln jeden Monat).

2 x B & W DM220 (KEF-Einheiten)

2 x Braun Atelier, (Braun Einheiten)

2 x Telefunken TL500 (SEAS, Isophon-Einheiten)

2 x Dynaco A25 (SEAS, Einheiten)

2 x Scandyna a25 (Scan Speak-Einheiten)

2 x Beovox 2600 (SEAS-Einheiten)

2 x Sony SS 2070 (SEAS-Einheiten 3 x)

Alle sind auf einem höheren musicaler Niveau, dirch mit Intertechnik-Kondensatoren von Mundorf und Jantzen Audio sowie Audyn renoviert.

Ich liebe die SEAS-Einheiten !!!, und Röhrensucht !!

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Tube addiction is for life !!

Its playing at this moment, we bought some records at the communal thrift shop this afternoon (1,25 euro each) from the 60tie and 7ties, listening to Barbara

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Ah! KT88 output tubes, always the best.

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Sure, i run this amp in triode most of the time, when power required switch to ultraliniar.

also nice is the EL 34 slightly less power but verry musical !

And last but not least, a small class A tube amp with 2 EL84's , use open baffle speaker with them with 30cm drivers (Grundig) with efficiency of 96 db.

last lovely for jazz combo's , soundscape is so wide and detailed !

tube addiction is for life !!!

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Thanks for the link on the amp - it made interesting reading... especially regarding the "warm up" time... It appears to double as a "room heater" - although and expensive one at that ;-) But seriously, if you are into true hi fidelity music (which I know you are) then it is likely to be a pretty good investment!! :thumbsup:

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Iff you put the cage over the tubes , you can put your diner on top of it to keep it hot.

Never tried it, don't know if the porcelain likes the heat radiated from beneath.

No noise at all since no semiconductors are used only high grade capacitors (no internal resistance) and when resitors are needed in the design, only high grade metal oxide resistors.

tube addiction is for life !

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