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Castlefest 2009 182

Castlefest, festival held at the Dutch village of Lisse around the celebration of the Sabbat of Lughnasadh !!

Hope you like this Photo Dairy greetz lenZ
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Wow, she's an amazing subject!
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:wave: Just to let you know you have been featured here [link]
and I do hope you like it...:hug:
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Your photos are amazing!! :heart: would you allow drawings of them?
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Iff you credit me for the original photo , no problem !
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Wow that's great!! You just made my day -thank you :hug: Of course you will be creditted :)
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Beautiful vampire woman...
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Thanks Kari, i have about 3500+ festival foto's in my gallery, feel free to browse !! same girl in 2008 !! see [link]

greetz lenZ
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my mother said wow i said awesome right
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Damn, she's hot!
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love the outcome of this pic !!

and Love this 3 day/evening/night during pagan/wiccan/goth festival , and its only 8 miles from from my home !!!

see >> [link]

greetz lenZ
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I envy you :( I love all that kind of stuff
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Wow she looks awesome..People really seem to go all out...your doing a great job bringing these festival's to us who cant be there..thanks Len :)
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Thanks Toomass !!

Will be going to the Midwinter Festival on 12 & 13 December, it will be great !!

Shame it could not be hold at the 21ste , the real date of Yule should be started!

Music wise, i want to share the next Swiss group with you , Eluveitie !!!

A mix of Pagan/folk/viking and metal !!

The first clip is Pure acoustic folk, sung in Gaulish !! [link]

Second is an old Breton song about inis mona where boys were brought to be learned to become druides !! traditional instruments and metal !! [link]

And Slania song which imao holds the best balance between female voices, traditonal and metal instrumentation [link]

How was your son's tour in Europe ??

greetz lenZ
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WAAA a monster !!!
;p very cool !
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thanks!!! greetz lenZ
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