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Breakfast for the magpies 4

Breakfast for the magpies is taken with a Manual focus 180mm F2,8 Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit lens on the small Fuji XE3 body.

This chunky lens + adapter is over 1,4 kilo (about 3 times the XE3 body) which makes it hard to handle in holding and taking aim and at the same time trying to focus and hold still.

Will be uploading some photo's in the days to come , from the 3 juvenile magpies that visit our garden on daily base for their breakfast.

Our Cat Putty finds it amusing to look at.

greetz len.
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4166x2778px 1.43 MB
Shutter Speed
1/2435 second
Focal Length
50 mm
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Date Taken
Jun 30, 2021, 11:51:12 PM
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Belle capture en mouvements!

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So beautiful birds and picture, Len:heart:

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You're very welcome, Len! :)

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I just love magpies...... what fabulous works my dear Len....:clap:

I can just imagine you controlling the cats...:giggle:

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I love magpies, and cats as well, they share one thing in common , curiosity !

Yesterday afternoon was watching Tour de france with Putty, the garden doors were wide open , from where we were sitting we could not see the doors and the garden, putty was suddenley alerted by something (ears twitching).

He is lazy so i stood up to have a look, and found 2 young magpies in the dining part of the room eating their bread on the floor.

When i entered the dining room there was no panic at all , they just took their bread and hopped onto the veranda/garden to finish their breakfast, looking at me in an amusing way.

in the mean time putty got up and was standing next to me looking bemused at the magpies at 2 meters distance, not knowing what to do.

Their parents called them , so they left the veranda.

I have to be constantly vigilant because we never know where tutty hangs out.

Have a nice weekend Teresa, greetz len.

Ps: we must be the worst country in Europe now, with more then 10.000 new corona cases (Delta) a day now, it is said that wednesday there will be more measures anounced by our goverment.

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I would love Magpies, wonderful photography Len

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When the young ones are eating on the table their parents are on the lookout for cats, and give a harsh crackling sound to warn the young ones.

when i put food on the table i stay with them at about 5 meters, to look out for cats aswel.

Putty is no problem the young ones can land just next to him, and he will give a surprised miauw. amusing !

I have to watch out for Tui and Joda, from the left , and Tutty from the right neigbours.

Especially Tutty, who is the smallest/youngest can get insane when he sees the birds, but the two parents will attack him.

I had to help Tutty twice in the presceding weeks , when i hear the harsh crackling noise, they had cornered Tutty twice, one time under a car and the other time in the corner near our shed.

But the magpies keep coming for their food.

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I feed my bunnies who are wild, and the birds come in also to get a grape or cherry

from the bunny pile. The birds click clik clik really fast and loud when another bird

tries to enter the food pile. We have mostly Robins and Purple Grackles up here, nothing

really unique or colorful

I had to have a 100 foot tree torn down this past week.

Finished up yesterday, and now I have

sky over my deck for the first time in 30 years.

Clouds are not a real popular photo here

at DA, but maybe I can use them for background work.

I am going to spend 1 more day doing absolutely nothing

in my garden but enjoying it immensely.

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here are robins, tits, sparrows, blackbirds, magpies, crows, jays, starlings, pigeons, ducks, swans, herons, comorants, and various kinds of seagulls.

We got a lot of land and waterbirds in this area, since there are alot of canals, one 20 meters from our front door, and the local forest is just 70 meters from our backdoor.


Also a lot of Ringnecked Parakeets, which are not native but, once they have young, the gulls and magpies become dominant in search of food.


Rest in

Enjoy your garden without the tree, you don't miss the shade it gave?

greetz len.

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I enjoy your work so much, animals, bokeh, your wife in shops, everything you do is super.

My willow is a soft wood and hung right over the top of my house and electric wires and after

the workman took the tree down we saw the rot in the middle of the main trunk, we knew we did the right thing. I have 20 other healthy trees and yes I miss her, but many other trees I will try to plant now

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That tree could have damaged a lot when it would have fallen over the wiring with storm.

You must have a big garden with 20 trees !

Our terrain with the house carport and shed on it is just around 1500 square feet.

But then its a small village next to Schiphol Airport (6miles), and close to Amsterdam(12miles), and therefor terrain is expensive here, also caused by the shortage in housing , about 300.000 overhere !

Renting a house is not an option in this region , since there is a waiting list in order to be able to rent a house it will take 18 years now before its your turn!!

Because of this buying a small house with small garden/carport like ours is the only option, our small house will sell between 460.000,- and 500.000,- dollars within a few weeks.

3th option is buying a house at about 40 till 50 miles from here where its 25% cheaper, but iff you have your work overhere it means spending 2,5 till 3 hours a day in the car travelling, for me it was only between 24 and 30 minutes a day.

This part of the Netherworld is a bit overcrowded, and so are the prices for housing/ and rentingen.

Enjoy your garden and stay save, heard that the Delta variant is on the rise in the USA.

Our country is Now (this week) dark red on the map of Europe for Corona infections.

greetz len.

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why did I think you were in Nova Scotia. ???

I was lucky Len in that I found my house when I was 19 years old

and said, SOLD. It was brand new and I have planted every tree and

blade of grass on my property, of course being young I never looked

to see how big a maple or willow would get....I suffer from " If it is a tree,

plant it" sort of logic. Not real smart but I love my garden and property

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A fabulous shot Len!!

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